When I visited Abhoy Mission, I was received by Dr. Shyamlal Deb himself. He was a very warm person, and was liked by all.

He drove me to their old age home and school for the special needs which is located about 14 kms away from the city. A picturesque location with jackfruit trees and pineapples everywhere. Road covered by the trees as the roof, flowers blossomed due to monsoons. The drive was ineffable.

At the school, I was greeted by a girl named Rita (name changed). “She is a disabled child and is mentally challenged. One day, the police brought her here. They told us that this baby was found in the Gomati River dam. Her parents wrapped her in a cloth and threw her from the bridge into the river, but she survived. We immediately got her treated and now she stays with us. Sadly, she isn’t the only one here with such a story,” explains Sudeep, their programme manager.

These kids are also given physiotherapy treatment every day in their rooms along with meals, toys, clothes etc.

Shyamlal then walked me to the old age home. There were comfortable dormitories for these old women. They also have a temple which is maintained by these women themselves. They are given medical support when ill, clothes, and toiletries.

In the village, we met this old man who said that he received rations from the organization every month. He had no means of earning a livelihood, and this was extremely helpful for him.

Around 50 old people from various villages in and around Tripura are being benefited. Not just old people, but kids with disability who stay with their parents are given help for developing skills. A therapist visits them every week and teaches such kids for an hour.

I was speechless by the amount of work the organization is doing.

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