Covid Crisis and Abandonment

Since the lockdown began and the country started dealing with the pandemic, street animals have been dealt a cruel blow too. Due to people being confined to their homes scores of poor animals have been starving and are in immediate need of medical attention in many cases. 

The lockdown has also had a severe effect on their psychology too as being without human contact for such long periods of time is an alien concept to them. 

During the pandemic, NGO World For All has noticed a rise in the emergency calls for severely injured dogs. It is only too late when they receive these calls, as there are no people on the roads to spot the animals when they initially get injured. There are only a few cars on the roads and they too move so fast that many times it takes away the lives of innocent animals or heavily injures them. 

World for All has rescued 350 animals and tended to 2000 cases of street injuries. Among the many animals rescued they have reached a dog which had its head stuck inside a water can in an attempt to find a few drops of water to quench its thirst. They also reached a dog which was allegedly stuck in a ditch for 10 days and no one was ready to save the dog. Scared and starving, the dog remained stuck till World for All was informed and they rushed to the spot to rescue the dog. 

Rescued Street Animals at WFA

The NGO that dreams to build a world deserving of our vulnerable animals, World For All has been feeding 700 animals on the streets of Mumbai every day, during the pandemic. They provide 100 kgs of freshly prepared food each day to the street animals of Juhu, Powai and Andheri E and many more areas. They also run a helpline number for injured animal cases to be reported and medically treated and shelter animals to be adopted by caring patrons.

Taronish Bulsara, co-founder World For All, an NGO working to feed and medically assist street animals in Mumbai has said that since they started their feeding programs, dogs which previously used to run away from their ambulances due to fear now see them as a source of food. 

You can Donate here to make the lives of countless animals painless and joyful and do your part in combating animal cruelty.

A World For All

Many NGOs and youth organisations have been spreading awareness of animal welfare and stressing on the need for human beings to be kind and compassionate towards our voiceless friends. 

Not only do they deserve a better world, a world sans cruelty and violence, they also deserve a world where human beings care and provide for them. With the lockdown making it impossible for people to come out on streets and feed the stray animals, these organisations have taken the baton to ensure that the starving street animals have access to food and medical care. 

Let’s all get together and create a world that our voiceless animals deserve. Support World For All in delivering food, urgent medical care and even shelter for our stray animals. 

Let us Coexist

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