While the Coronavirus outbreak has impacted our healthcare infrastructure, the imperative lockdown to prevent the contagion has had a deep-rooted impact on the country’s socio-economic conditions. 

To alleviate the suffering of those most vulnerable,  the Government of India has made an essential intervention first by announcing a package of  ₹1.7lakh crore and then by launching PM Cares.

But even with the Indian government earmarking a sizable amount to fight C19, there will still be large pockets of need that the government might be unlikely to be able to fill. That is where the various fundraising activities and the missions run by GiveIndia can play a catalyst to a huge impact.

In disasters, a lot of effort and focus is thrown on rescue and relief work, but more often than we think, rehabilitation takes a backseat and goes underfunded. Most efforts of C-19 are also going to be on the same lines but GiveIndia envisions a collective that continues to work on the ground and come up with strategies to deal with rehabilitating Covid-hit families over the mid-term, long after relief work is over, through a structure that facilitates that to happen. With this broader overview, GiveIndia walks ahead towards a large-scale giving collective to complement efforts of the Indian Government.

We welcome PM Cares with all humility and gratitude. However, we will continue and double down our efforts of raising funds and supporting our nonprofit partners who have been working tirelessly on-ground to reach relief measures to the downtrodden and those living in the most remote and backward areas. Our direct beneficiary transfer framework helps us in reaching even those who might not be eligible for the Government schemes and its benefits. 

GiveIndia stands strong in these times- united with our nonprofit partners and trusted donors, continuing and scaling the fundraising efforts. Each and every contribution to help the vulnerable communities cope with the effects of Coronavirus is of equal importance and gravity.

Ration Distribution

The adverse effects of the spread of the virus and the lockdown have been so vast and deep that there is no dearth of lives that need to be supported. Along with PM Cares, various other fundraising activities and GiveIndia’s missions have immense potential and capacity to uphold those millions of lives that need our support now.

GiveIndia launched two missions, Mission India Against Coronavirus and Mission Support Covid-19 Hit Families two weeks back to support the underprivileged and vulnerable communities cope with the virus.

The first mission aims at providing hygiene kits and basic provisions to poor families, abandoned elderlies, cancer patients etc. The second mission is to support the daily wage earners who have been stranded without a job and rendered homeless with cash support to feed their families and take care of other essentials like rent.

In the last two weeks of our fundraising efforts, we have been able to raise over 6 crores and we aim to impact over 13 lakh lives. Not only are we working with our trusted nonprofits who are doing incredible work on the ground by distributing the relief measures and reaching out to the beneficiaries, but we are also involved in direct cash transfers to the beneficiaries.

NGO Partners on the ground

Along with our NGOs connecting us with the beneficiaries through their groundwork and research, we have also built processes through which anybody can connect us to a beneficiary who is in need of the relief measures. The preliminary checks from our end are the verification of VoterID and Ration card. In the case of refugees or immigrants, we are accepting a UNHCR card as proof of identification. 

Our first round of disbursement has happened and we are now sharing impact updates on our social media channels. Here’s a heartwarming video- a sneak-peek into the groundwork that is being carried out by our real heroes our NGO partners. Something to put a smile on your face and help you rest assured that your contribution will be reaching the people who need it the most. 


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