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Why institutional giving in India can be “better, together”

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INSTITUTIONAL Giving is not new in India. Large corporate houses like the Tatas have been pioneers in setting up organizations and structures for doing philanthropy at scale decades before CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) regulations made it mandatory for qualifying corporates to spend a percentage of profits every year. While most do the minimum as required by regulations, there are...

10 NGOs rejuvenating education in India

10 NGOs rejuvenating education in India
Read the success stories of India's top 10 education NGOs which have transformed India's education system by reaching out to the underprivileged children.

‘The intellectually challenged are inherently capable’

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INDIA is home to over 31 million individuals with disabilities - among them the intellectually challenged - and, according to some estimates, over 60% of them will not find work or become financially independent. Since 2011, Mumbai-based Mann - Center for Individuals with Special Needs has been trying to change just that. The organisation believes that all individuals, regardless of...

Is climate change becoming a child rights crisis?

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FROM wars to natural disasters and every other crisis in between, children have always been the most vulnerable. Climate change is no exception. The threat posed to youngsters of today and the future by the global warming crisis will worsen unless the world unites and takes emergency and long-term measures. In the just-concluded COP26 UN Climate Change Conference in Glasgow,...

Padma Awards: 10 exceptional winners driven by compassion

AFTER the Bharat Ratna, the Padma Awards are among the highest civilian honours in India. Over the years, exceptional people have been nominated for their distinguished service in various fields of activity and service. The Padma Awards are announced annually on the eve of Republic Day. They are given in three categories: Padma Vibhushan (for exceptional and distinguished service), Padma...

‘The world is not perfect, but it can get a lot better’

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I MADE my first donation on GiveIndia around 2006. At that time, mobile phones meant Nokia and you could easily sign up for firstname.lastname@gmail.com. Online commerce was rare and online donations were nonexistent. I remember wondering how powerful this platform could be, if millions of people donated a small part of their income to causes they believed in. I also...

5 ways you can celebrate Diwali by giving

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THE festival of giving and sharing is here. During Diwali, we exchange gifts, spend time with family and friends and soak in the atmosphere of festivities all around us. Diwali is also the time when we reach out to the less fortunate and donate to charity. Since India is just coming out of a harrowing eighteen months, many Indians...

‘We have sheltered over 500 children orphaned by Covid’

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FOUNDED in 1949 by Hermann Gmeiner, an Austrian philanthropist, SOS Children’s Village is present around the world. The nonprofit has been working in India for the past 57 years, helping over 25,000 children who were once parentless, or abandoned or belonging to vulnerable families through its 32 SOS Children's Villages across 22 states. SOS strives for the welfare of the...

One woman’s fight to rescue sex trafficking victims

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THE 'Wall of Blessings' is the most uplifting place at the Rescue Foundation's rehabilitation home for sex trafficking survivors in Kandivali, Mumbai. Here, the sex trafficking survivors who are rehabilitated, and are ready to leave home for a new chapter in their lives, dip their hands in colour and leave their handprints on the wall. For Triveni Acharya, the co-founder...

GiveIndia launches its Institutional Giving Practice

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TODAY, philanthropy is growing globally, and private giving has gained an important role in addressing human suffering, social justice, equitable economic growth, and so much more. As an organisation that is deeply passionate about addressing the inequalities and resolving social issues impairing our collective growth, it has been fascinating to see different approaches to philanthropy. One such system -...