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5 NGOS in India working on environmental protection

World Environment Day 2021 - banner
AS every living creature on this planet depends on nature for sustenance, environmental protection has become more important than ever before. It is not simply about food, clothes or shelter anymore – it is much beyond that. We are depleting natural resources faster than nature can replenish them.One of the most difficult challenges that we are facing is environmental...

Cash support: A lifeline for families of COVID-deceased

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FOR Ramkumari, a Delhi-based domestic help, it has been a long struggle after her husband, a rickshaw puller, succumbed to COVID-19 last year. The prolonged lockdowns left her without work or  income for most of last year. Some cash support from her former employers after her husband died didn’t last for long. She started working for a while earlier...

‘Menstrual health takes a back seat during a crisis’

Menstrual health banner - GiveIndia Blog
“MENSTRUAL health and hygiene automatically take a back seat during a crisis and nobody even takes notice,” says Arun Gupta of Pinkishe Foundation. The NGO is currently fighting the sanitary pad crisis triggered by the pandemic by helping thousands of young girls and women get access to clean and sustainable sanitary products across India - through a community of...

6 NGOs tackling mental health issues head-on

mental health
THE pandemic is already leaving deep mental scars. Isolation, loneliness, grief, domestic violence, general anxiety, professional burnout, and post-traumatic stress have all become part of the ongoing health crisis. Covid-19 has hit a double blow - both to the body and mind. While physicians and health experts carefully document its effect on the human body, the psycho-social effects on...

Hunger is eating into India

hunger epidemic
NAFISA lost her four-month-old baby to hunger.Mubina, a tailor, has been out of work since the pandemic induced lockdowns. Her family is starving. She doesn’t have a ration card and hence cannot access the subsidised rations through the government’s food aid programme.Kesariya lost her son. Hunger and helplessness pushed the young man to take his own life. Her family...

10 mental fitness tips while the pandemic rages

mental health
MENTAL health in India needs serious attention according to the World Health Organisation  - and alarmingly it is the youth that seem to be the worst hit.  A 2018 Lancet report claims that suicide is the leading cause of death in the 15-39 age group in India. With a raging pandemic creating fear and despair, it has been particularly...

Oxygen is need of the hour in India

Oxygen shortage in India
ONLY days ago, a prominent Delhi hospital ran out of medical oxygen that led to the death of 12 coronavirus patients, including a doctor of that very hospital - the head of its gastroenterology unit Dr R K Himthani. The hospital, facing an acute shortage of ventilators and ICU beds, raised an alarm over dwindling supply of O2 while...

10 top fundraisers to donate to for COVID relief in India

COVID relief fundraisers
ALL hearts are bleeding for India, as the unrelenting tragic news of the toll the ferocious second wave of coronavirus is having on the country. Millions are battling every day for oxygen and treatment at hospitals. Thousands of families are losing loved ones and friends. Poverty has spiralled and families are facing extreme hunger. And as we watch in...

5 NGOs working for climate change in India

Climate change NGOs
IF you have ever wondered what is causing the summers to be too hot or why the winters have become colder. Or why are cyclones and tornadoes appearing so frequently and the ice in the North Pole melting, the answer is climate change.In acknowledgement to this, in an Earth Day message the UN Secretary-General António Guterres said in a...

GiveIndia’s India COVID Response Fund is active again

India Covid Response Fund launch
ALMOST a year to the date that we at GiveIndia set up our India Covid Response Fund (ICRF) to provide relief to the mammoth humanitarian crisis that unfolded when the pandemic first began, we are reopening the Fund and relaunching our Covid missions.Sadly, our work in bringing relief to communities during the coronavirus crisis is not done, as cases...