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10 NGOs in Delhi providing a better life to the poor

Support these NGOs to uplift the poor by providing them food, shelter, education and livelihood. Donate to an NGO in Delhi now!

‘Film is a great medium to spread awareness about environment’

Gangadhar Panday of Babul Films Society
WHAT happens when an actor's love for cinema and the environment go hand in hand? Telugu character artist and short-film maker Gangadhar Panday knows the answer. Panday decided to use the power of the medium media to increase awareness about environmental issues confronting the earth through Babul Films Society. In order to dedicate himself full-time to the cause, Panday...

Why climate crisis is also a health crisis

THE World Health Organisation (WHO) couldn't have come out with more sobering news just before World Health Day. According to WHO, 99% of the global population is breathing air that exceeds quality limits and threatens people's health. The world body says that people living in urban areas are most vulnerable as they are breathing unhealthy levels of fine particulate...

#Breakthebias: Girls are more than future daughters-in-law

I WAS one of six people selected to speak on Women’s Day and share an anecdote of my experience of breaking the bias. I was given three minutes to tell my tale. But I struggled to find a way of fitting an entire lifetime of defying stereotypes into three minutes. Yes, a lifetime, i.e. I have battled to #breakthebias...

7 facts you should know about autism

AUTISM is one of the most common developmental disorders in the world. Also referred to as autism spectrum disorder (ASD), it comprises a diverse group of conditions related to the development of the brain. People with ASD often have problems with learning, social communication, and interaction. These problems could also be found in people without ASD, but it is...

10 NGOs making society equitable for women in India

Support women stand up on their own feet. Donate online to an NGO for women in India and help them fight for their rights.

‘Ideas are simple, courageous acts of change’

THE belief that quality education is the antidote to inequality led Sahithya Anumolu to leave her corporate job and step into the public education sector to work towards this. She found her tribe in Eshwar Bandi and Vivek Piddempally when they trained as Teach For India fellows, and together they co-founded Inqui-Lab. The organisation nurtures problem-solving capacity in the...

Padma Awards: 10 winners who made social service their life’s mission

EVERY year, the government of India announces the Padma Awards, the nation's highest civilian honour for distinguished service in public life, social work, music and art, sports and other fields. India's highest civilian awards are the Bharat Ratna, Padma Vibhushan, Padma Bhushan and the Padma Shri. In recent years, the awards have gained more prominence thanks to the concept...

Global water crisis: Too big to ignore

WATER is the source of all life. Whether humans, plants, animals or insects, no living organism can survive without this precious liquid, but the water crisis in the world is real. Water is arguably the most contaminated natural resource, hence the source of most illnesses. As World Water Day is marked worldwide, the statistics on water-borne diseases are stark. According...

10 credible NGOs in Mumbai changing lives of the poor

Donate to an NGO in Mumbai to contribute your bit? These NGOs are doing wonderful work to improve the lives of the people in need.