EVERY rupee you donate will reach the beneficiary via GiveIndia. Here’s how.

We started the Corona relief missions on March 22, to raise money to feed the hungry and provide prevention kits for the most vulnerable which includes the daily wagers and stranded migrant labourers who lost their livelihood due to the lockdown. In addition to this, we are supporting healthcare workers with critical equipment like PPE kits.

Donation in India for Coronavirus

Through our NGO partners, each day we are relentlessly reaching out to people who are without money or food and, in many instances, without a home. We assure you that all of your donations is being fully used to help the ones in need and reaching the right people. Here’s a glimpse into our process:

  • You make the donation, receive an acknowledgement/ tax exemption receipt and the money received is allocated to safeguard those in need from COVID-19, distribute ration kits to survive the lockdown, etc.
  • The money is allocated according to the information given by our partner NGOs and their field staff working with marginalized communities about the required assistance.
  • In cases where cash support is requested, the GiveIndia team uses ration/ Aadhar card details of potential beneficiaries and makes 1,000+ calls to verify their authenticity and loss of earnings due to coronavirus.
  • Next, the donations are disbursed to our NGO partners whose team members reach out to the localities and distribute the necessary items or funds to the end beneficiaries.
  • To check this, we also make calls to the beneficiaries to confirm that the funds have reached them.
Online Donation Process

It’s an end to end chain where we receive donation, identify beneficiaries, provide relief and verify the same – a complete and efficient loop to ensure your money reaches those who need help desperately.

Also, at the end of the mission, our NGOs will provide a detailed report along with a Fund Utilisation Certificate attested by a chartered accountant. The GiveIndia team will conduct verification visits to the beneficiaries when feasible.

To make sure your donation creates the most impact GiveIndia is charging NO platform fees for all COVID-19 fundraiser campaigns. However, a payment gateway fee of 3% is levied per donation.

The government has also requested all non-profits to come forward and support. Our strong network of 1,250+ NGOs along with many volunteer groups across the country is striving to complement government efforts and help crores of Indians. In the time of calamity of this magnitude, we urge you to join hands with us or any other organization of your choice to help with relief work.

GiveIndia is a 20-year-old NGO, registered under section 25 of the Companies Act. Our partner NGOs, who have the necessary permissions from the government to work on the ground during the lockdown, ensure that people who are in the greatest need receive at least minimal help – and this is made possible through donations. 

Every little bit helps. You can donate to our Facebook Fundraiser here or to any one of our missions on our website, here

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