Crowdfunding to support health emergencies can be real life savers

A 19-YEAR-OLD national weightlifting champion, Shubham Agarwal, was confined to a hospital bed. The young sportsman had dreams of winning more championships and representing India. He was also carrying the aspirations for his family’s better future on his shoulders. Little did he know that everything would change in a heartbeat and he would have to fight just to survive. That’s when GiveIndia stepped in to help with a medical fundraiser.

A health emergency
Shubham had been suffering from chest pain for a few days and consulted with a local doctor who dismissed it as indigestion. In October he had a heart attack, days after his grandmother passed away. Shubham was rushed to Jaslok Hospital in Mumbai. In the days that followed, his condition deteriorated. His liver had failed and his kidneys too started to fail. He was put on ventilator support. 

After undergoing a bypass surgery Shubham was stable, though his heart was 80% damaged and functioned with the assistance of a machine. When it became abundantly clear that only a  heart transplant would save the teenage weightlifter, GiveIndia quickly set up a medical fundraiser.

Shubham’s father runs a mobile recharge shop and earns barely ₹300 a day. There was no way he would find the estimated ₹50 lakh required by the hospital to carry out the life-saving procedure on his son, including all costs of treatment already given.

Shubham’s fighting chance
The GiveIndia team worked closely with Jaslok Hospital in Mumbai to help Shubham get a new heart.  Our medical fundraiser started on December 10. Within days,  more than 3,000 donors contributed over ₹26 lakh. The overwhelming outpouring of support and generosity for this young man’s fight for life has continued and the ₹50 lakhs has been raised.  

To the huge relief of his parents, Krishna and Archana Agarwal, pictured, and doctors, Shubham has started the new year with a new heart and a fresh lease of life. But he continues to be under observation in intensive care, where he has been since November 2, 2020. Unfortunately the bill for the overall treatment is mounting and is now estimated to be closer to ₹80 lakhs before young Shubham is discharged. So if you are in a position to contribute please do join over 5,000 supporters to help his family cover the last mile

Medical fundraisers – a necessity
In a country where the costs of medical emergencies are still mainly borne by the citizens rather than the state, the role of crowdfunding online is hugely significant. These emergencies come without warning and treatment costs are exorbitant, even for those with means. 

Most people, particularly from poor backgrounds, do not have health insurance or savings to pay for medical costs. This is where medical fundraisers and the donations through them can help those in dire need, like Shubham. Through small donations from a large number of people you can help many in their extraordinarily difficult times. A little goes a long way. 

Anyone can start a medical fundraiser through GiveIndia as long as we can verify all documents and the need. You can start one for yourself, a loved one or someone you know facing financial difficulty with a health emergency.

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