Thanks to Udaan, I could continue my education – Pooja Dubey, 17 years
“I was in the 6th standard when I started my journey with Udaan. When I failed the 9th standard at first attempt, my dad decided that I should go back to my village and leave my studies rather than redoing the 9th standard. I wanted to complete my education and so I talked to Mamta Didi. She called my dad and supported me completely.Thanks to Udaan I was able to continue my education. I am in the 12th standard now and work as an assistant teacher at Udaan. I love to work with Udaan. It is like my home. I want to bring Udaan to my village so that the kids there can have access to the education I experienced.”

Udaan na hota to main school nahin ja paati – S Santoshi
“I joined Udaan in 2004 because I wanted to go to school” like many other children. Before this I wasn’t receiving any formal education. Udaan helped me get into “Tirandaz” school. Today,  I am in the 12th standard in the Commerce stream. I have learnt how to dance, work on the computer, speak in English and so much by being associated with Udaan. Udaan made me who I am today because it gives us children the desire to study. Agar Udaan na hota to main kabhi school nahin ja paati.”

Udaan means life to me” – Vinay Giri, 19 years
“I joined Udaan when I was in the 7th standard and joined the computer class at Udaan in the 9th standard. It is here that I started to dream about becoming a computer engineer. I knew that my father could not even afford to send me to a normal college. However, Udaan mentored me and kept my dream alive, ultimately granting me a scholarship, first for a diploma and then a dregree in Computer Engineering. Today I am in my 2nd year of Computer  Engineering  at Vivekanand  College  of Engineering. I regularly volunteer at the Udaan Computer Centre and teach computers to children. If I had to describe Udaan inoneword,Iwouldsayitmeanslifeto


%     me.”


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