There’s no better way to understand the impact an organisation for special children makes than my speaking to the parents of some of these chldren. Here’s what some of the parents, whose wards are at Sangopita, have to say:

“This organization is secure and its staff is most hardworking and affectionate. My daughter is being properly taken care of with love and affection. I feel very secure about my daughter’s future.” – Satish Parab.

“Prior to Sangopita, we visited two similar organizations for admission of our son. However, due to his hyper degree of Autism, they refused him admission. We were worried about our son. On admission, Omkar’s progress in general was nil. By now, I see almost 75% progress in all aspects. The credit for this goes entirely to Sangopita.” – Tipnis Harshada

“I have full trust and confidence on the management of Sangopita. The staff gives affectionate care and needed nursing. We never believed that in a remote and jungle area, such a big organization could exist. But when we personally visited Sangopita, we had a very different experience. We were overwhelmed with admiration looking at the staff attending and nursing the challenged children with love and affection.”– ChandraKant Chavan


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