This Diwali, spread joy, laughter and light. Do the usual: buy new clothes, exchange gifts, light diyas, make rangolis, and eat lots of sweets! But why not do something a little different too – light up someone else’s life.

To celebrate Diwali, LetzChange has launched ‘Dilwalon ki Diwali’; a campaign raising awareness of the wonderful and high-impact work carried out by our NGO partners and offering you the chance to win one of the three donations to an NGO of your choice!

India Has Some Serious Problems to Solve

When we are busy making preparations for Diwali, we sometimes forget about the people who really make this celebration come to life. The potter who makes beautiful diyas, the farmer who labours in the sugarcane field, or the woman who works in a fireworks factory. What about their children? Do they go to school? And do their ageing parents have access to health facilities?

The facts remain appalling:

  • Over 830,250,000 in India are living on less than $2 a day

  • The highest child mortality rate in the world belongs to India

  • Only 31% of India’s population have access to proper sanitation facilities

Chances are many of these hard-working people are included in the statistics. But, what’s great is that each one of us can share the joy and light of Diwali. What’s even better is LetzChange allows you to do this in a convenient and fun way.

LetzChange Offers Some Solutions

With almost 100 NGOs to choose from, covering almost every Indian state and every conceivable good cause, LetzChange is a treasure trove of inspiring NGO projects just waiting to be discovered! And this Diwali we are inviting you to win one of 3 donations which you can award to the NGO of your choice!

To enter the competition visit the LetzChange Facebook page here https://www.facebook.com/LetzChange and follow the simple instructions.

Start spreading the joy and light of Diwali now!


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