New journeys bring with them a dash of excitement and energy that drives everyone to excel in all endeavours.

LetzChange and Give Foundation joined forces last year, in a bid to serve charities in more diverse, effective ways. Ever since the merger, we’ve been operating as a single entity, striving each day to evolve into a one-stop fundraising solution for our non-profit partners. 

It is with pleasure that we declare that the hardwork that the teams have been putting in will result in LetzChange being referred to as GiveIndia Fundraisers, from Monday, August 26th. We would like to remind you that August 26th also marks the beginning of Charity Housie 2019, which has the potential to be the biggest online fundraising festival this country has ever seen. 

All further communications that you receive from our team will be sent to you in the name with the title GiveIndia/GiveIndia Fundraisers. Our committed LetzChange team remain unchanged, standing strongly behind you at each step. It is absolutely certain that this new chapter would motivate us to leave no stone unturned in making our services grow more expansive and efficient.

We thank you for your unwavering support in our mission of helping India’s most committed charities and wish you a great fundraising season with Charity Housie 2019.


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