The LetzChange Fundraising Challenge ’18, after giving us some great weeks full of excitement and happy anticipation, has finally arrived at its glorious end. The 2018 edition of this challenge, stretching itself over a period of about 50 days between 10th February, 2018 and 30th March, 2018, has been quite an enriching experience for charities both new and old to the crowdfunding space. We are happy in the fact that we could be of help to our partner non-profits in closing their financial year on a high note, with their cumulative donations on our platform reaching the roof-shattering amount of 4 Crore rupees! Together with the participating non-profits, we have broken our own previous records. We express our gratitude to all the participating charities for the tremendous efforts which they have put in into making the LetzChange Fundraising Challenge ’18 the explosive success it has been.

LetzChange, being a tech-for-good organization, has always focused on elevating the ease of operation for non-profits by providing them with technological assistance in the form of our easy-to-use fundraising tools. Our fundraising tools are tailored around the concepts of crowdfunding and networking, so that the charities can easily garner donations through effective networking using their existing donor base. The conventional methods of fundraising, though promising in some ways, have been very limiting. The non-profits in our country have forever struggled with the task of increasing their outreach, and the traditional offline ways of collecting donations over snail mail has not proven to be a piece of cake either. With the advent of so many innovative technological advancements in this field, the non-profits of today are slowly steering themselves towards the new ways of fundraising and the benefits of getting rid of the age-old inhibitions against technology are countless.

Here is where our social fundraising tools come into play. Using our peer-to-peer fundraising tool, the people who are willing to help, but aren’t financially in a position to make hefty donations, can show their support by inviting people from their social circle to donate or come stand in support of a social cause. This approach, in addition to helping NGOs meet their financial requirements, also helps them in expanding their supporter base.

One of the primary objectives behind the conception of LetzChange Fundraising Challenge has been to familiarize charities with the many perks of online fundraising and crowdfunding. In order to iron out the beginners’ apprehensions for the charities newly venturing into the online giving space, we came up with the Charity Booster Programme, introduced as a subset to the LetzChange Fundraising Challenge ’18. The charities covered under this programme were provided with personalized assistance at every step of the challenge, with dedicated relationship managers answering their queries, helping them strategize better for their fundraising pitches, and also providing them with marketing material customized as per their requirements. And to keep the charities invested in the task of escalating from offline to online mode of fundraising, LetzChange provided them with the opportunity to win rewards in order to encourage them to perform better.

Among the charities which are already conversant with the concept of crowdfunding, and have been participating actively in all the previous editions of the LetzChange Fundraising Challenge, we saw some really fierce competition for the Mega Rewards. The charities contested each other in a healthy light as we watched their every move with excitement. The last few days of the Challenge, especially, were filled with a lot of excitement, with the participating non-profits leaving no stones unturned to emerge out as the winners of the challenge. The Challenge culminated with Bhagini Nivedita Gramin Vigyan Niketan winning the Mega Reward, which meant that they won a flat 50 percent matching grant on the total amount in donations. Stood second the non-profit Team Everest, which walked away with a 30 percent grant on the total amount in donations procured during the LetzChange Fundraising Challenge ’18.

We hereby extend our heartiest congratulations to the winning non-profits, and also to those charities who finished just inches away from the coveted Mega Rewards, but were very much successful in expanding their supporter’s base during the LetzChange Fundraising Challenge ’18; which was our underlying motive. And as we progress forward on our path embedded with many more new endeavors and challenges, we wish our partnering charities all the very best. LetzChange aspires to be of help to you in your deep labour of enriching the lives of those in need, and we promise to making the task of fundraising easier for you by taking technology in our stride. Happy Fundraising!

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