5 Reasons to include donations in your tax planning

Donate through GiveIndia to save taxes while saving lives
Save taxes and spread smiles through donations

IT’s tax season and honestly it is no one’s favourite time of the year. And you, most probably are looking for ways on how to save tax.

There are several ways that the tax man lets you do this. Providing for your family and safeguarding your future is one way. Tuition fees, home loan interests, medical insurance, investments for your future – all of these expenses can be used for deduction of tax under section 80C and 80D.

Now that you have done that, if you are wondering what’s the next best way to get tax benefits, it is time to remember the old adage – no good deed goes unnoticed!

Yes, you can save tax under section 80G of the Income Tax Act by donating to a cause that you care about.

It is in the very nature of most of us to believe in giving back and doing our bit for society. And, we like to make a difference in the lives of people who are less fortunate.

Now, you can also do this while earning tax credits. Section 80G of the Indian Income Tax Act allows you tax deduction on donations made to any charitable organization.

However, a point to remember is under the eyes of the taxman not all donations are eligible for tax deduction. It’s important to find the right place to make your donations so that they make the desired impact while giving you the benefit of section 80G tax exemption.

Here’s how we at GiveIndia can make this work for you.

1. Options to donate

Donate to a cause of your choice
Donate to a cause of your choice

At GiveIndia, we work with a host of causes across education, children, women, elderly, differently-abled, livelihoods, and the environment. Our 200+ verified NGO partners on our Monthly Giving platform work with these causes in 23 states across India. They work on the ground making a notable change in the lives of the people. We have a choice of close to 200 programs that you can choose to donate to at GiveIndia.  You have the option to pick among a list of programs across causes and create an impact in an area that is closest to your heart.

You may also choose to make a one-time donation to NGOs or their fundraisers or medical campaigns running on our crowdfunding platform GiveIndia Fundraisers, all of which qualify for an 80G receipt.

2. Trust and Credibility

GiveIndia assures your donation is not misused through our GiveAssured Framework
GiveIndia assures your donation is not misused through our GiveAssured Framework

We bring both convenience and choice together for donors in a safe and high-trust environment.

At GiveIndia, we take donors’ trust very seriously. We verify and validate all the legal requirements that a nonprofit needs to follow. We are the only online giving platform in the country that has a robust and rigorous due-diligence process that is comprehensive in all parameters.

The process covers legal, compliance, financial and impact checks for each donation made to any non-profit, including in-person visits to beneficiaries and actual feedback reports. We do all this so that our donors can donate with confidence that their giving is indeed doing what it’s supposed to – change lives.

When you donate with GiveIndia, you can be sure that the donations are reaching the right people and making the impact that you intended it to.

3. Timely Reports

Receive regular reports on how your donation money is used
Receive regular reports on how your donation money is used

We understand that you want to know the difference your donations are making. And so, we will give you regular updates about the programs that you donate to. The reports will show the growth of the program and how it is changing the lives of underprivileged for the better.

4. Consistent scheduled plans

Donations made for tax saving can make a more significant impact if they are made in a regular and scheduled manner. As a donor, it gives you the convenience of planning the amount that you wish to invest to make a difference in the lives of people. At GiveIndia, we have verified programs from 200+ NGOs to whom you can donate a pre-decided amount monthly. Start now and don’t be caught scampering in the last minute to find credible ways to make a difference.

5. Instant tax receipts in your inbox

You will also be happy to know that we provide you a tax exemption receipt. Every donation made to GiveIndia can be used to avail a deduction of up to 50% of the donated amount under section 80G of the Income Tax Act. It’s true that giving makes us all happy, in many way than one!

While tax planning is not a fun task for most of us, March is here, and we thought you should know that giving can be a great way to save too!

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