3 Reasons why donations should be a part of your financial plan

It is that time of the year when everyone is setting out or in the process of planning for their taxes. While we were thinking of how best to grow our base of committed and smart donors, Sqrrl, a fintech company approached us for a partnership.

Their app helps people across the country with goal-based investments and understanding tax deductions. Given that our monthly platform aims at helping people plan their giving, the partnership was a no-brainer to us.

We are proud to announce that GiveIndia and Sqrrl have joined hands to promote giving to help the poor of our country. Sqrrl users now have an option to sign up for monthly giving across three different causes directly from the Sqrrl app.


Why is a monthly giving plan a good idea?

At some point, we’ve all thought of donating to causes we care about. We even make a stray donation now and then – to a child begging on the streets or a religious institution. But most of us don’t realize that just like mutual funds and fixed deposits, giving is an investment too. A planned donation could be affordable and help a child complete their entire education.

Here’s why it’s important to include giving in your financial plan:

1. Understand your giving investment better

Unlike impluse giving, a plan while making a donation gives you the chance to evaluate and assess where you want to invest. You have time to check the credibility of where you want to donate and learn exactly what difference your money will make.

GiveIndia helps people give with trust. Every nonprofit on the platform is extensively checked for legal and compliance credibility regularly. Sqrrl offers three causes that you can easily donate to on GiveIndia’s monthly platform  – food or education for children, or support for elderly in need.

2. Make a larger impact with a smaller amount

Monthly donations are an affordable way to make a change. It allows you to commit to a cause without burning a hole in your pocket.

These small amounts could provide sustained support to someone in need, . Much like investing through SIPs in mutual funds, monthly contributions allows you to ‘save’ the future of a person in need. The impact you make with monthly donations is far more than you would with occasional giving.

3. Tax Saving

Giving could also help you save money! Contributions you make through GiveIndia can be claimed as a deduction under Section 80G of the Income Tax Act. So while planning your tax savings for the year, don’t forget to include your monthly giving to it.

With this partnership, we hope to make giving easy and accessible to young Indians.  Among its other offerings, Sqrrl will now be able to guide you through your monthly act of good as well. Together, we look forward to investing in a better future for you and the country!

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