How to make your special day as special for those less fortunate too

HIMANSHU and Pankhuri, used the occasion of their wedding to help those in need. They tried to minimise the exchange of gifts and used a part of the cash gifts received at their wedding to make charitable donations to an NGO called Zindagi. They felt that the idea of not having a very lavish wedding and doing their bit for society, instead, brought them closer and gave them immense joy. 

While tying the knot, Nithyasri and Yeshwanth narrowed in on four causes based on Vedic principles for their wedding registry (a list of gifts or charities that they support and share with their loved ones). These were river revitalisation, caring for cows, a youth empowerment programme, and support for India’s soldiers. In spite of some initial hesitation from their families, they sent out the charity registry link. 

Soon after they were flooded with messages of kindness. Not only did the guests appreciate the effort, many of them were also inspired to start a similar registry to encourage charitable donations to causes at their respective weddings.

Charity begins at weddings

Beautiful weddings are made of these – tears of joy, laughter, bliss, love, jitters and countless other emotions. Weddings are about the vows of love and promise of a lifetime together with all of your loved ones by your side. A day with many memories in the making that you are going to remember always. But coming up with ideas to make your most special occasion even more special, can be quite a challenge. 

That’s when wedding registries like can be of great help. With professional and personalised assistance for tasks like wedding planning, gift registry, wedding invites, shopping, creating a website and even making charitable donations to a cause, you can ensure that you two are stress-free to celebrate your love and togetherness.

Speaking of celebrating love, today, February 14 is the day for it! Valentine’s Day is acknowledged as the day of love in several regions of the world and many express their love and affection for that special someone. This Valentine’s Day, as you cuddle up to loved ones, here are a few ways to make a meaningful gesture, support a good cause and give back to society during your wedding. You would cherish it immensely and also create a lasting impact even on those who aren’t very privileged.

1. Pick a venue with a difference

A symbolic way to incorporate advocacy into your nuptials is by choosing a meaningful venue that has a legacy of supporting important causes dear to you. It could be a landmark building, a hotel or gallery which supports that cause. The special venue will not just lend an interesting theme to the wedding, showcase who you are and have a true feel-good factor.

2. Set up a Wedding Registry for a charitable initiative

Every registry need not include the usual lineup of electronics or goods. If you too believe that you have enough, sign up for a charity registry or a fundraiser and ask the guests to make charitable donations to a cause of your choice. It could range from NGOs fighting global warming, sponsoring education for children, supporting the differently abled, etc. Use this once in a lifetime opportunity to impact lives or the environment positively.

3. Plan an eco-friendly wedding

Skip that big-fat Indian wedding if you may. There are so many reasons to strive for a green wedding or sustainable ceremony that cuts down on waste or reduces carbon emission. Eco-conscious couples are making choices that favour environmentally friendly practices such as zero plastic, opting for ethical fashion, donating excess food, or flowers, etc. These green ideas will give you all the more reason to celebrate and you’ll end up supporting local businesses and decreasing your wedding expenses significantly.

4. Invite very special guests

For nearly all the guests, attending your wedding would be among the many they have been to. Why not invite some who would have never had the experience before and would be thrilled at being there as much as you do. For instance, you could invite children from a nearby orphanage or the elderly from an old age home to be part of your celebration. You’ll be giving them an unforgettable experience and the immense joy for both hosts and guests would be priceless.

5. Volunteer before or after the wedding

Give time to a cause that is close to your heart. Volunteer for a session or two with your other half and spend some time helping at an animal rescue shelter, feeding the homeless or even go on a tree plantation drive. It will leave you feeling even better than your bridal shower or bachelor’s party. Get your close friends and family to jointly volunteer as well. It’s bound to leave you all feeling closer and content about the thoughtful deed.

6. Make charitable donations

Weddings are also occasions of generosity and gratitude. Spare a thought and some funds for a worthy cause or project and make charitable donations. Build the foundations of a happy married life by spreading some much-needed cheer around!

Giving back is a fantastic way to express who you are as a couple and the love that you and your partner share. On that most special day of your life, also say ‘I do’ to a cause you believe in and make a difference. Let the fireworks of your wedding add a sparkle to the lives of others too! 

Established in 2000, GiveIndia is India’s most trusted giving platform for donors. Our community of 1.5M+ donors and 150+ corporate partners have supported 1,800+ nonprofits, impacting 10M+ lives across India.

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