After the super cyclone of 1991, Cyclone Fani is the worst that Odisha has seen

May 3, will remain a red letter day for the coastal state of Odisha. What could have been a day like any other, turned out to be a nightmare. Cyclone Fani, the worst the state has seen after the super cyclone of 1991, lashed at Odisha.

Other than the heart wrenching conditions of the people, what attracted the attention of the country was how the Odisha government along with other agencies handled the massive disaster. They made sure that 12 million people were evacuated from their homes before Cyclone Fani secured landfall. These people were put in rescue camps on higher grounds. Government also created around 500 makeshift community kitchens to feed these disoriented people.

It is true that the government with their unprecedented expertise in disaster management could  have minimized lives lost. But the challenge now lies in dealing with the aftermath of the cyclone. People who have been rendered homeless, have not only lost their homes but also their livelihoods. They will now have to start life literally from scratch.

NGOs working for Cyclone Fani

Partner NGOs of GiveIndia have been working throughout this phase to help rehabilitate the people of Odisha and providing them with relief. Goonj has been helping with ration kit, solar lamps tarpaulin and other necessary material.

Vikash on the other hand is taking care of environmental aspects. Thousands of trees have fallen during cyclone Fani. Government has founded makeshift places for these to be moved and stored. To avoid pollution, Vikash is making sure that these trees are disposed properly and not just burnt.

HelpAge India has set up community kitchens. They are not only serving food there but providing material to cook and shelter to stay.

Tiktok’s Initiative

Moved by the general state of distress in Odisha, three TikTok influencers emerged on a journey to raise awareness for the survivors. GiveIndia representatives helped them through this journey of Giving.

The influencers wanted to get the first hand experience of the Fani-stricken parts of Odisha. With their millions of followers on TikTok, they aim to reach out to as many of them as they can to donate for the people of Odisha.

They volunteered by distributing relief funds, helping out in community kitchens, reaching out the to the people and also shooting videos to raise awareness. These videos show the current living conditions of the people in the Fani affected areas. They also reflect the undying spirit of the people who are now picking up the scattered pieces of their lives to build a new one. The videos are now up on GiveIndia’s TikTok  and Facebook pages

Stand by the people of Odisha as they fight to get back to normalcy. On GiveIndia ,donate for the people affected by cyclone Fani.

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