How does Shivam, a young helper at a bakery earning Rs 5,000, suddenly becomes a computer whizz? The answer is simple. NavGurkul NGO ―  an out of the box school imparting ‘software engineering’ training to underprivileged kids.

The Journey

Started by Abhishek Gupta, an IIT- Delhi alumnus and Rishabh Verma, a school dropout and self-taught tech entrepreneur, NavGurukul NGO brings fresh energy to solving problems in the non-profit sector. 

NavGurukul, imparting ‘software engineering’ knowledge was founded to help out young minds who are not only fighting the strict cut-offs and high fees but are also first-generation learners. They have no concept of the importance of education at home. Almost 93% of engineering students dont have employable skills and 80% of college graduates dont meet the minimum requirement for jobs and such special skill training can open multiple avenues for the youth. 

NavGurukul NGO currently runs two centres. One is for 50 girls in Bangalore and the other for 50 boys in Dharamsala, with both campuses being located in a semi-urban area. Students come from 12 different states from Assam to Rajasthan, from Himachal Pradesh to Karnataka. Students learn the React.js or Node.js programming frameworks and Python and Javascript programming languages to build their algorithmic understanding. 

The first batch of NavGurukul had 80% placements in IT jobs in startups earning 20,000 INR to 70,000 INR, and the one with the preliminary knowledge started working as data entry operators.

Programming, coding and more

Students besides learning Software Engineering learn a lot of important life skills and develop themselves into empowered and confident individuals. The campuses are English only zones for the students and hence they work extensively on their communication skills. The students run the entire facility right from fixing bulbs to managing the monthly rations. 

The institute has till now mostly run on funds from few corporates, the co-founders, IIT Delhi alumnus Abhishek Gupta’s and Rishabh Verma’s pockets and in house crowdfunding initiatives wherein their family members have generously supported them.

Co-Founder Speak

“During my time working within the education department of the Delhi Government, I saw so many students who were bright and struggling. They could have been in my place even if they got half the access to the privileges that I had. That’s where Navgurukul’s concept started building. The reason we chose programming is that we know it really well, also because there is a lot of acceptance for people without degrees in the field of programming. The salaries and growth rate is also quite high. We have used funds from our own pockets and we have also had our friends, families and corporates to help us generously. But to keep sustaining our institute on a long term basis we need the help of the people, we need more people to support our initiative,” said Abhishek, co-founder NavGurukul. 

To reach more people with their story and seeking support, NavGurukul is on the crowdfunding platform of GiveFundraisers. Stand by Abhishek and Rishabh. Help them support more young minds in becoming pros in programming and coding and learning ‘software engineering’, sans a college degree or a formal educational background through the crowdfunding on GiveIndia. 


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