It’s that time of the year when students and their parents are vying for seats in the schools of their choice. However, with just a few seats and skyrocketing fees, a lot of students will not go to the school of their choice.

Christel House India, our partner organization, ensures that quality education is available to all students regardless of their economic situation. Its Bengaluru Center provides 879 students with free education, medical care, and nutrition. A little assistance has produced excellent results in these kids.

Sindhu’s is one among many success stories. She is a graduate of the centre and now works in a leading audit firm. Listen to her story of transformation!

The story of the establishment of Christel House is one of selflessness.  

About the founder of Christel DeHaan

Christel DeHaan, the founder, was born at the end of World War II in war-torn Germany. At 16, she left for the United Kingdom and later settled in Indianapolis, the USA which is now her home. In 1973, Christel and her husband started a venture called Resort Condominiums International, a vacation exchange provider. 23 years later, she sold the successful venture for $360 million!

A trip to Mexico, a while later, changed her life. While visiting a few orphanages in the country, she was appalled by its poor facilities and the complicated lives of the children. She knew that money would not do much good, for this needed a systemic change.

Her business expertise came in handy during the conception of the Christel House – an institution that would provide education, nutrition, health checkups and general awareness to impoverished communities. The first Christel House was established in Indiana, USA. Now, it has centers in Mexico, India, and South Africa. The focus is on regions with high levels of poverty, simple tax and legal structures, and available resources.

Christel House provides education for kids till school, and assists and advises them through college and placements. They also inculcate values of compassion and service in the children. Many students, like Sindhu, come back to serve the community. This holistic growth, says Christel, is a way to break the cycle of poverty in a family.

You can help children, like Sindhu, break away from the vicious cycle of poverty.


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