Founding Story, Karnataka, Spurthi Mahila Mandal, The Elderly/Aged, Women's Rights

How it began at Spurthi Mahila Mandal

It all started in the year 1981 when Ms. Shyamala Vardarajan, the founder of Spurthi Mahila Mandal (SMM) relocated to Bijapur from Chennai after marriage. With a Masters in Botany, she joined The Aided College in Bijapur as a professor. Shyamala was an active volunteer back in Chennai, always ready to get involved with social…

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Delhi NGOs, Founding Story, Society for Child Development

How it began at Society for Child Development

Madhumita Puri, who is the founder of the Delhi-based Society for Child Development (SFCD), was a leading psychologist in the late 80s. She was amongst the top psychologists from AIIMS’ Genetics department. As part of her research, she was also working for disabled and mentally challenged (also known as Intellectually Disabled) kids. During her research,…

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Founding Story, GiveIndia NGOs, Karnataka, Mahila Dakshata Samiti

How it began at Mahila Dakshata Samiti

Mahila Dakshata Society (MDS) was originally established in the state of Andhra Pradesh by Mrs. Suman Krishnakanth. Suman’s spouse, Mr. Krishnakanth was originally a Parliamentarian and later the Governor of Andhra Pradesh. Life as the partner of a public servant gave her valuable insights into the trials and tribulations faced by Indian woman. Deeply concerned…

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Delhi NGOs, Founding Story, Sukarya

How it began at Sukarya

We live in an age when charity has become a business and NGOs have been publicly questioned on their integrity. Yet, Sukarya stands alone in its direct and human approach to social service. This is further underlined by its committed approach and its belief in focusing on what’s essential to give back to society. Such…

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Founding Story, Tamil Nadu, Vision For Health Welfare and Special Needs

How it began at Vishwas, Vision For Health Welfare and Special Needs

Armed with a post graduate degree in biophysics, Neelam Jolly moved to Delhi from Chandigarh in the late eighties. After switching to Delhi, she decided to switch tracks and underwent a course as a Therapist with AADI – an NGO devoted to educational and social integration of disabled children with the mainstream.  This was an…

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Founding Story, Healthcare, Uttar Pradesh

How it began at Abhinav

Despite emotional, social and bureaucratic roadblocks, founder of the NGO Abhinav, Mr. Harendra Singh’s mission to help the community never faded. Here is his story. Harendra Singh always had a passion for reading and writing, which lead to his main profession – journalism. He was curious about current affairs and the issues faced by the…

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