Dr. Shroff’s Charity Eye Hospital, a charitable trust, was set up in 1914 by Dr. S.P. Shroff. An overachiever who completed his degree from England and could have easily received a highly-paid job instead decided to open a hospital for the deprived individuals. What motivated him to do so, is probably a question that comes to your mind, just as it did to mine. The answer to this lies in a document that dates back to 1918 that the team at Dr. Shroff came across by chance during a spring cleaning activity in 2013! Written by Dr. S P Shroff himself, the document probably served as the organisation’s first ever annual report. Or paraphrases part of the speech that Dr. S P Shroff delivered at the hospital’s opening ceremony:

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In 1963, just one year before his death, Dr S. P. Shroff was awarded the Padma Shri by the government of India for his humanitarian efforts. His son Dr. Minoo Shroff, carried forward the legacy and kept the hospital running till the nineties. However, as the number of patients increased, it was becoming very difficult to sustain 100% charity work and also the institution needed massive renovations to keep up the quality work; and the solution to this problem was found in 1996, when Eicher Motors Limited stepped into the picture. The Group started providing substantial assistance in the form of funds and expertise. The Group’s CEO also initiated and funded training programs for doctors abroad. Thanks to its efforts, Dr. SHroff’s turnover is now Rs. 20 crores from Rs. 8 crores, 9 years ago. And the organization is only growing in its reach year-on-year.

As Dr. S. P. Shroff himself said, in his document of 1918, “The growth of this institution from a small dispensary to a Hospital is a sufficient achievement in justification of its existence. I leave it to you, people of Delhi, to see that this institution lives and grows, and continues to be useful to the poor of your town. On your support depends its very existence and is to you that it looks for assistance. I feel sure your interest in the institution will increase you will make it worthy of your famous city.”


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