Help Idol-makers

Festival artisans are in the doldrums this Durga Puja

With idols downsized and celebrations muted, their annual income is severely reduced WITH the onset of India’s biggest festive season – Durga Puja, Dussehra and Diwali – there are strict guidelines in place for the celebrations. Most states and the central government are also nudging organisers to cut down on excesses. Festivities will be restrained, …

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Daan Utsav

10 Ways to Celebrate DaanUtsav 2020

Participate in this annual festival and be a giver DAANUTSAV is a heartwarming way to start the festive season. Celebrated across India by people from all walks of life who come together to give back to society, this week-long festival of giving has virtually gone virtual this year!   In recent months India has witnessed insurmountable…

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At GiveIndia, Healthcare

Healthcare bills push 57M Indians into poverty each year

Crowdfund for medical emergencies on GiveIndia HEALTHCARE in India has several challenges which include inadequate access, shortage of skilled medical professionals and an increasing chronic disease population. And the arrival of COVID-19 has tragically highlighted the situation. Our public health expenditure is just 1% of the GDP and is among the lowest in the world…

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