Known as the City of Joy and often romanticized to being a city that engulfs one with its warmth and welcoming nature, Kolkata is also home to one of the poorest slums in the nation. Poverty is not an unknown evil to this city of culture and art. Having said that, the city with its heart in the right place has innumerable nonprofit organizations walking on the path of poverty alleviation and providing equal opportunities to the downtrodden and the marginalized. Support an NGO in Kolkata doing groundbreaking work in the grassroots as well as the urban slums. 

Below is the list of NGOs in Kolkata that are working to build a poverty and hunger-free  Kolkata. Support these to give a better life to the poor by providing them safe shelters and one healthy and nutritious meal a day.

1. Bani Mandir

NGO in Kolkata : Bani Mandir

Bani Mandir looks after orphans, poor school-going children, isolated elderlies and also empowers poor women by upgrading their socio-economic status. Through their work, Bani Mandir focuses on promoting quality healthcare, inclusive education, gender-equitable and sustainable livelihood opportunities, disaster relief and preparedness. Other than focusing on empowering women, especially Dalits and Adivasis, with a life of dignity, Bani Mandir also runs a nutrition program for abandoned elderlies. Donate to their program to help isolated elderlies have one healthy meal a day.

2. Sabuj Sangha

Committed to giving a better life to the poverty-stricken people of West Bengal, Sabuj Sangha organizes health check-up camps throughout the villages of Sundarbans. They also create awareness on the importance of nutritional diet and hygienic sanitation practices. Through their Safe Motherhood in the Sundarbans program, Sabuj Sangha aims to reduce maternal and child mortality through increased antenatal and postnatal care. Donate to their program to help the poor people from the remote villages of Sundarban get access to medical care.

3. Tomorrow’s Foundation

With a vision to empower the deprived children of West Bengal, Tomorrow’s Foundation provides quality education and necessary skills. They aim to help these children realize their self-worth and value their existence so that they can grow up to be independent and self-reliant individuals. Tomorrow’s Foundation works with children and women from the slums of Kolkata. While they provide remedial education for the children, they help the women to become financially independent by creating skilled tailors. Donate to this NGO in Kolkata for children.

4. Turnstone Global

Started by Kanchan Gaba, a 100% visually impaired lady who fought all odds to obtain her PhD in International Law and then becoming a lecturer at Calcutta University, Turnstone Global aims to improve the quality of lives of human beings irrespective of age, gender, religious beliefs, caste, ethnic origin, birthplace or disability status. A major focus of their work is on the disabled, in particular, the visually impaired; to provide education, training to rehabilitate them and improve their livelihood. Donate to this NGO in Kolkata for children from poor families and give them a better future.

5. Towards Future

NGO in Kolkata : Towards Future

Founded by a group of like-minded people motivated to contribute their time, resources and emotion to the weaker section of the society, Towards Future strives to create a world of equal opportunities for the deprived. The focus on offering access to primary and vocational education, reduce infant mortality, improve health and hygiene, promote sustainable economic development, women empowerment and conserve and protect ecology and environment, among others. Help this NGO in Kolkata for children by sponsoring their  nutrition and preschool expense.

6. Paripurnata Half-Way Home

NGO in Kolkata : Half-Way Home

A Half-Way home for patients suffering from mental illnesses, Paripurnata provides safe shelter and rehabilitation and helps their members to reunite with their families. Paripurnata’s rehabilitation program offers pharmacotherapy, occupational therapy, non-formal education, and counseling. Donations to this program will take care of the healthcare expenses of patients suffering from mental illnesses. 

7. Rural Health Care Foundation

What started as a project by two brothers now serves millions of patients per year. Rural Health Care Foundation (RHCF), a non-profit organization based out of Kolkata, offers primary healthcare to the underprivileged community through a chain of 15 primary health centers located in remote rural regions of West Bengal and the urban slums of Kolkata. Against a nominal amount of Rs. 60 ($0.89) a patient receives consultation, treatment and free medicines for a week.  Join this NGO in Kolkata and donate to help the poor get access to healthcare facilities. 

8. Hope Kolkata Foundation

A harbinger of hope for homeless and slum children of Kolkata, Hope Kolkata Foundation (HKF) advocates better services for the poor and seeks ways to increase their social entitlements from government programs. Education, healthcare, child protection, nutrition, drug rehabilitation, and vocational training are some of the areas that they focus on. They aim to bring the sustainable and holistic development of all children. Join this NGO in Kolkata and donate to bring a change in the lives of poor children of Kolkata. 

9. Sarada Ramakrishna (Sishu O Mahila) Sevashram

Home to more than 150 children now, Sarada Ramakrishna (Sishu o Mahila) Sevashram initiated destitute/orphan residential girls’ home with a mere 25 rural poor girls. Children are being provided with the facilities of food, education, medical treatment, recreation, cultural program and child sponsorship program. They also run programs to care for abandoned senior citizens and help them with healthcare and healthy meals. Donate to this program to help abandoned elderlies get access to healthcare and nutritious meals

10. Missionaries of Charity 

NGO in Kolkata : Missionaries of Charity
Source: MC

Founded by Mother Teresa in 1950, Missionaries of Charity is one of the oldest and well known nonprofit organizations in Kolkata. They have 19 homes including those for women, orphans, and for the dying. They also have an AIDS hospice, a school for street kids and a colony for lepers to provide free service to people. 

The need to help the poor in Kolkata is now greater than ever and you can help through your small monthly donation. Get in touch with us in the comments below to know more. You can also write to us at or call us at 7738714428.

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