BESIDES being India’s capital, Delhi is also one of the wealthiest cities in the country. Yet this city of 18 million people has deeply disturbing stories of poverty. It is home to some of the poorest citizens in the country who can barely earn enough to survive. Many young poor people arrive in Delhi believing their hard work will improve their lives, but end up just struggling for the bare minimum. Nearly 1.7 million of them live below the poverty line, surviving on less than Rs. 1,134 per month, according to the Delhi Statistical Handbook. To counter the poverty induced suffering and uplift the poor, these 10 NGOs in Delhi are working relentlessly. We can all support them by making a generous donation or joining their efforts through volunteering with an NGO in Delhi.

1. Abhinav Samaj

For over ten years, This Delhi-based NGO has cared for the abandoned elderly through their old-age home. The care home provides food, clothes, shelter and medical care for underprivileged and helpless senior citizens. Any aged person, irrespective of religion, caste, region, gender, can walk into the ‘Jai Ma Durga Old-Age Home’.

This NGO in Delhi also provides free legal aid and organises medical camps for the elderly from time to time. Abhinav Samaj, at regular intervals, conducts several camps and workshops on arts and crafts and organic farming, to utilise the talents of the senior citizens and provide them opportunities to do small business on their own and be self-reliant.

In recent years, the nonprofit has expanded its efforts towards women empowerment too. It arranges self-defence training camps for women and provides free legal aid to women in need. It also provides free coaching to deserving students from low-income households every year to prepare them for competitive examinations and distributes books to school children free of cost.

2. Scope for Change

Founded in February 2020, Scope For Change (SFC) works to uplift the poorest and the most vulnerable sections of society. It aims to meet their basic needs by improving livelihoods and by empowering them through education.

This NGO In Delhi provides underprivileged children with the education and resources with the aim of contributing to India’s goal of attaining 100% literacy rate. The nonprofit supports education of the exceptionally talented students in its learning centres. Scope for Change ensures that sponsored students acquire formal education, knowledge, skill, and strategies necessary to reach their full potential and become productive, responsible individuals.

3. Psycho-Educational Society

Established in 1982, Psycho-Educational Society (PES) works for the poor, underprivileged downtrodden section of society in rural areas to impart education, health, and overall development. The nonprofit’s prime objective is to fight poverty by uplifting less-privileged children in rural areas by raising awareness among illiterate women about family welfare, health education and personal hygiene.

The NGO in Delhi runs formal educational programmes and vocational training. In addition to imparting formal education, the school also conducts skill development programmes for women such as tailoring, embroidery, knitting, and farming. Over 100 rural women have benefited from these programmes.

4. Development Consortium

Development Consortium (DC) is a non-profit organisation dedicated to working with young people and vulnerable communities across India – empowering them to overcome health, education and rights, abuse & injustice issues.

The organisation supports the implementation of global development programmes in India and helps develop the organisational capacities of early-stage Indian NGOs to maximise their potential. Their key areas of focus are education, nutrition and public health, fundraising, social media engagement and market research.

5. Navjyoti India Foundation

The organisation’s main objective is crime prevention through welfare policing, education of street children, vocational skills for women, and de-addiction programmes. Since its inception in 1988, Navjyoti India Foundation has been working persistently to bring about qualitative behavioural change and impact the lives of the under-served in urban slums of northwest Delhi and the rural villages of Haryana.

This NGO In Delhi has a bottom-up approach for inclusive development and self-motivation and has uplifted lakhs of lives through its programmes on child education, women empowerment, skill upgradation for youth and community development. One of its most successful programmes is the Remedial Education Project in which over 85% of children progress to higher education after completing class tenth.

6. Udayan Care

Since its inception in 1996, Udayan Care’s aim has been to work to empower vulnerable children, women, and youth in various cities across the country. It began with thorough research on existing models for children in need of care and protection, and opportunities for young girls, women and disadvantaged youth. Its first initiative was the Udayan Ghar Programme for orphaned and abandoned children.

In 2002, Udayan Care moved towards higher education for girls through the Udayan Shalini Fellowships, and in 2004, it started the Udayan Information and Technology Centres to improve the employability of underserved communities. In the last 26 years, Udayan has touched the lives of over 25,000 children, women, and youth as beneficiaries and thousands more as indirect beneficiaries of their advocacy efforts.

7. Care Village Foundation

This NGO in Delhi is committed to the welfare of youth, women, adolescent girls, children, scheduled castes, scheduled tribes, refugees and other deprived sections of the society.

Operating since 2008, Care Village Foundation renders services like counselling, development-cum-training services, Yoga awareness campaigns, promotion of sports and cultural activities, formation and strengthening of community youth groups and training, self-employment projects in partnership with charitable and government agencies like Central Council of Research Yoga and Naturopathy, NABARD, Ministry of Youth Affairs & Sports, Delhi Tuberculosis Association (DTBA), ONGC, Delhi Police and many more. It works on the grassroots level for underprivileged and marginalised communities.

8. Deepalaya

The NGO was founded in 1979 to foster self-reliance and help underprivileged children rise above their societal limitations. Active in Delhi, Haryana, U.P. Uttarakhand, Maharashtra, Kerala, Punjab and Andhra Pradesh, this NGO in Delhi helps fight discrimination against the girl children, marginalization of the differently-abled and oppression of women. It also works in areas where there is a lack of basic healthcare.

Deepalaya has created separate programmes to educate differently-abled children and ensure that the entire family becomes self-reliant. It has also established several projects on education, women empowerment (reproductive health, self-help groups, micro-finance, etc), institutional care, community health and vocational training among others.

9. Peepul

It is an education-focused non-profit organisation that has directed its efforts towards creating a system in India that enables every child to realize his or her potential. Peepul works closely with governments at the national and state levels to transform government schools and administrative systems to help the poorest of the poor have the opportunities they deserve.

This NGO in Delhi works intensively across the Indian states of Delhi and Madhya Pradesh. The schools that Peepul works with have become resource centres. For instance, the organisation trains and coaches 500 government teachers across 200 schools in South Delhi for a broader, systemic impact.

10. ChildFund India

ChildFund India, formerly CCF-India, has been transforming the lives of millions of children in India through child sponsorship since 1951. It is a partnership-based child development organisation representing the voice of the deprived, vulnerable, marginalised and excluded children in India, regardless of race, creed and gender. Its vision is “an India where children lead a dignified life and achieve their full potential.”

ChildFund India strives to improve the well-being of vulnerable children by empowering the community to undertake and manage holistic child development programmes. Presently, it reaches out to nearly 221,475 families spread over 1618 communities in 15 states and one union territory, helping over 1.02 million beneficiaries directly and indirectly through various programs and activities. ChildFund India is affiliated with ChildFund International, a global network of 12 international child development organisations.

The NGOs above have not been featured in any order of rank or preference.

(This article was last updated in April 2022)

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