Every eight minutes, a child goes missing in India. According to the Deccan Herald 2019 report, 515 were children trafficked to Bangalore in the past year. The statistics are always scary when it comes to the number of instances of child labor, violence against women and discrimination against any vulnerable group in India. There are several  NGOs in Bangalore that are working towards helping these groups. Reach out to these partner NGOs of GiveIndia and offer your time and money to help them make a difference in one more life.

1. Association for Community Care, Education and Social Services (ACCESS)

NGO in Bangalore : ACCESS

Association for Community Care, Education and Social Services was founded to help children who are being exploited in the stone quarries of Bangalore as child laborers. It rescues them and provides them with education and health facilities. It takes care of their social, emotional, physical, and cognitive development. ACCESS has also provided daily nutritional supplements to 700 children in the past year. Help ACCESS to reshape the lives of these children and make them future-ready.

2. Diya Foundation 

NGO in Bangalore : Diya Foundation

Diya Foundation is a Vocational Training Centre cum sheltered workshop in Bangalore, providing training and employment to differently-abled individuals. Beneficiaries are first assessed in different work units to gauge their strengths, likes, and dislikes. Based on this, they are placed in a unit, where they are given hands-on training for practical exposure. They are then mentored and evaluated based on the output they produce. Your donations will help this NGO in Bangalore to train specially-abled people in life skills.

3. Karunashraya 

NGO in Bangalore : Karunashraya

First of its kind, Karunashraya is one of the best cancer care NGOs in India. It provides free professional palliative care to 17,500 patients with advanced-stage cancer, who are beyond cure. The treatment includes psychological and social support, rehabilitation therapies, counseling, and practical and financial advice. It helps patients to live without pain and with peace till their journey ends. Your donation to this NGO in Bangalore can add life to the lives of people suffering from cancer.

4. Christel House India

NGO in Bangalore : Christel House

Christel House Learning Center (CHLC) provides free quality education till grade 12 to children from poor families, slums and orphanages, in and around Bangalore. It is currently supporting 800+ students. To make sure that no child drops out of school, it also supports them with free uniforms, books, and stationery. The school also encourages extracurricular activities like music, art, sports, yoga and life skills for a  child’s overall development. Your donation can help this NGO in Bangalore to support a child to go to school and make a better future for himself.

5. Snehadeep Trust for the Differently Abled

Snehadeep Trust for the Differently Abled was established in 1999 to help people with different abilities. To provide them with equal life opportunities, they are trained in  specially designed free residential Computer Training courses. Currently, 50 children are undergoing 9 months of training in this NGO in Bangalore. All of these kids are from economically backward classes from the city and rural areas of Bangalore. It also provides students with free food and accommodation. Donate to Snehadeep Trust to help differently-abled people get trained in computer skills.

6. Make A Difference

NGO in Bangalore : Make A Difference

MAD believes that it’s #NEVERTOOLATE to make a difference in a child’s life. Changing lives in 14 states and 60 shelters, MAD ensures equal opportunities for children at risk. From ensuring positive emotional health since childhood, MAD supports these children even after they leave the shelter. They make sure that children successfully pass their 10th standard and encourage them to continue their studies. Donate to help these abandoned children get access to quality education, through this NGO in Bangalore.

7. Sathi

Sathi is an NGO that works with government homes and facilitates in reintegrating the child with the family through the Child Welfare Committees (CWCs). This NGO in Bangalore has worked across 14 states in India and has helped nearly 60,000 children reunite with their families. The project aims at rescuing children who have run away from their homes and now live on railway stations. Sathi ensures the protection of these children and helps in reuniting them with their families. Medical help is also provided to these children if required. Help reunite a runaway child with his family.

8. Maria Seva Sangha 

Source: Maria SEVA Sangha

The Maria Seva Sangha (M.S.S.) is an NGO in Bangalore, established in 1981. It undertakes educational, medical, housing and other social activities for the poor of all ages, irrespective of caste, creed, and community. It is currently working with three  government-aided schools in Bangalore. Under its “Education Support” program, M.S.S. aims to reach out to the poor but deserving students. These students are provided with fees, books, and uniforms, along with mid-day meals. Scholarships are also awarded to the students to encourage them to continue their secondary education. Donate to give a poor child a chance to learn.

9. Mitra Jyothi

Based in HSR Layout of Bangalore, Mitra Jyothi is working for the welfare of visually impaired people since last 26 years. It trains people with low vision and people with absolutely no vision in basic and advanced computer usability skills. This training is provided through the use of Non-Visual Desktop Access or NVDA which is a free screen reading software that enables blind and vision impaired people to use computers. Students are also introduced to accessibility testing, soft skills, legal literature, spoken English, mobility, cooking, etc.based on their interest. Help this NGO in Bangalore to train visually impaired in  employment skills.

10.  Senior Citizens Bangalore

Senior Citizens Bangalore was started by a group of retired defense personnel along with a bunch of corporate professionals. It aims to empower underprivileged children and by working towards their quality primary and high school education. They also provide educational loans to students and handicapped children in rural areas around Bangalore. Help this NGO in Bangalore to give education opportunities to children irrespective of their religion, caste, creed, and community.

Your small donation can help the above NGOs to reach people in need. You can give with confidence because every program on our platform is GiveAssured.

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