According to a UNAIDS 2018 report, there were 2.1 million people affected by AIDS in India in 2017. This makes India the third-largest HIV epidemic in the world. The key affected population are sex workers and men who have sex with men (MSM). Other groups are People Who Inject Drugs (PWID), transgenders, migrant workers and truck drivers. The stigma around this disease prevents people from accessing the necessary treatment required. There is a need to help people battling HIV/AIDS.

There is a need to create a safe and loving environment where HIV/AIDS patients can lead a normal life without being outcasted. The National AIDS Control Program (NACP) has made efforts to increase awareness and reduce the risk of infection. Their efforts along with the help of NGOs, India has managed to reduce the spread of new infections by half since 2001. The following are some partner NGOs of GiveIndia that have contributed to this change. 

1. Neptune Foundation

Help people battling HIV/AIDS : Neptune Foundation

Neptune Foundation runs a program to provide underprivileged HIV+patients with adequate nutrition to help people battling HIV/AIDS withstand strong medical treatment and help them through recovery. Neptune’s workers identify patients from government hospitals who come in for Antiretroviral therapy (ART) treatment. The program aims to provide rations and protein supplements to HIV+ patients including pregnant women. It has now grown to a Nutritional Supplement Support Program for patients under ART Treatment. Donate to help people battling HIV/AIDS
get access to adequate nutrition
for their better recovery.

2. Snehalaya

Help people battling HIV/AIDS : Snehalaya

Snehalaya provides housing, food, clothes, medications, education and extra-curricular facilities for HIV+ orphans and semi-orphans (children of sex workers). They help people battling with HIV/AIDS get all the resources necessary to ensure they grow up in a regular household. The NGO helps these destitute children grow as responsible individuals. Donate to this program to help HIV+ children get the childhood they deserve.

3. Grace Peter Charitable Trust (GPCT)

Grace Peter Charitable Trust provides nutrition support to people battling with HIV/AIDS so that they can withstand the intense medical treatment and help them through recovery. Madurai has two Antiretroviral Therapy (ART) centers and most underprivileged HIV+ children come to these hospitals for treatment. GPCT workers identify these children and enroll them in the nutrition program. Once enrolled, these children can come to collect the nutritional packages from the office. Donate to this program to help children affected with HIV get access to adequate nutrition and support their recovery.

4. Priyadarshini Seva Mandali

Priyadarshini Seva Mandal runs a program to help people battling HIV/AIDS get the required medication as prescribed by the government hospitals and help them through recovery. Outreach workers identify children who need support from the government hospitals where they come for their CD4 test every month. As a part of the program, PSM provides them with nutritious food. They also refund the travel expenses to and from the organization. Donation to this program to help people battling HIV/AIDS get access to medical help.

5. Akhanda Seva For International Shanti (Operation Shanti)

Akhanda Seva for International Shanti works hand-in-hand with local HIV clinics that run pediatric HIV programs. Most children who arrive at the clinic have lost one or both parents and live with a relative. A list of the poorest pediatric patients requiring help is sent to the NGO. Care packages are distributed to these children and their guardians, once a month. These packages include hygienic and nutritious items for the children. Supporting this program will help people battling HIV/AIDS get access to nutritious food.

6. Swadhar IDWC (Institute for development of women and children)

Started in 2005, Swadhar’s ‘Rays of Hope’ project aimed to rehabilitate HIV+ children and children with HIV+ parents. The children are provided monthly nutrition (like eggs, milk powder, dates, etc.), medical, education and emotional support. Children are regularly checked upon through house visits and are provided with groceries and other nutritional supplements. Donating to this program will help people battling HIV/AIDs get access to nutritious food. 

7. DESIRE society

DESIRE Society is committed to providing basic core needs to children and families suffering from HIV/AIDS. The main focus of the organization is to provide ICH – Institutional Care Homes for children orphaned due to HIV/AIDS. The organization aims to develop the health and well-being of children infected and affected by AIDS in India. They have a presence in Hyderabad, Bangalore, Mumbai, Gurugram, and Visakhapatnam. Donating to this organization will provide a home and proper care to people affected by HIV/AIDS.

8. Mahesh Foundation

Help people battling HIV/AIDS : Mahesh Foundation
Source: Mahesh Foundation

Mahesh Foundation is an NGO working to enrich the lives of those affected by HIV/AIDS and provide shelter to orphans. They also inspire other patients to fight the disease through various initiatives. The organisation provides education, nutrition, and medical support to over 1800 needy children. They also provide shelter to about 40 orphans in Ashakiran Home at Belagavi but there is a need for a new hostel cum school to accommodate hundreds of abandoned children in the area. Donate to help people battling HIV/AIDS get access to shelter and proper food.

9. Centre for People’s Education (CPE)

Centre for People’s Education (CPE) is a development organization working for the welfare of the socially and economically downtrodden people of Tirunelveli District since 1989. They aim to support adolescents with disabilities through programs like nutritional support, educational support, home-based counseling, emergency medical care fund, and annual awareness programs. Donating to this NGO will help people battling HIV/AIDS live a dignified life.

10. Organization For Friends Energies and Resources (OFFER)

Organization For Friends Energies and Resources is a nonprofit organization serving underprivileged children in the city of Kolkata and semi-urban areas of West Bengal. Started in 2006, the “Anandaghar” provides care and protection exclusively to the children living with HIV/AIDS. The residential campus looks after the social, developmental and medical needs of the children. The organization also spreads awareness and encourages others to help people battling HIV/AIDS. Your donation will provide palliative care and support to children affected by HIV/AIDS.

Lowering infections among high-risk groups with the help of personally tailored treatment programs have helped bring the change. However, stigma is still prevalent. The above NGOs are helping to reduce the stigma and support patients with medical and nutritional requirements. 

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