According to the GoI, over 12,000 suicides were reported in the agricultural sector every year since 2013.

NGO helping Indian farmers

Farming has always been one of the most important economic activities in India. With about two-thirds of the population engaged in agriculture and agriculture-related activities, it is important to understand the plight of farmers in India and why they are  struggling to survive. According to a statement by the Maharashtra state government in 2018, 639 Indian farmers committed suicide within three months due to drought and crippling debts. Farmers need to be educated about the schemes and grants provided by the government. They also require training in newer and more effective agricultural practices.

Listed below are 10 partner NGOs that are working to help Indian farmers by providing them with the necessary education and help them to maintain their livelihood.

1. Haritika

NGO helping Indian farmers : Haritika

Haritika is an organization started with the aim of working on sustainable projects related to water harvesting and management, crop optimization, soil conservation, and afforestation. Their ‘Horticulture Wadi Development program’ works to help farmers in India struggling with extreme poverty, illiteracy and lack of healthcare. They ensure that farmers can support their families by providing them with seeds, saplings, pesticides, and other supplies. The necessary agricultural products are handed to farmers between March and October. Donate now and support poor farmers with saplings

2. Manuvikasa

Manuvikasa is working to help farmers in India by building at least four water tanks in every village. The locations of the tanks are decided by the farmers with the assistance of local water experts. The structures are designed to last for at least 10 years with no maintenance. Poor and needy farmers are selected to work on the project with the NGO. They are trying to support farming communities to improve agriculture income through SRI cultivation. Donating to this program will help villagers get access to a harvesting pond.

3. Rajasthan Bal Kalyan Samiti (RBKS)

NGO helping Indian farmers : Rajasthan Bal Kalyan Samiti

Rajasthan Bal Kalyan Samiti was established to create a healthy, empowered, and educated community. They have assisted more than 8,500 families in agriculture and horticulture based livelihood programs. RBKS provides farmers with seeds and vermicompost and also train both male and female farmers to prepare vermicompost and in other field related activities. Donating to this NGO will help farmers in India get the proper training and agricultural tools necessary for their livelihood.

4. Bhagini Nivedita Gramin Vigyan Niketan (BNGVN)

Several talukas in Jalgaon, which used to be famous for its banana cultivation, have now become drought-prone. With a population highly dependent on agriculture, the situation is very bleak and BNGVN is working to change this situation. Through deepening and widening of streams, well refilling, tree plantation and several other conservation efforts, the NGO hopes to increase the underground water level and help these farmers overcome their water shortage. You can donate to this NGO to help Indian farmers fight drought-like conditions and save their crops.

5. Dreams Alive

NGO helping Indian farmers : Dreams Alive

Started in 2011, Dreams Alive runs Project HiFi (Help in Farmers interest) to assist villagers and farmers in their efforts to restore the ponds in Delta region of Tamil Nadu. To increase water for farming, the restoring of water bodies is necessary for the people of Nagapattinam. The NGO’s objective is to improve the livelihood of farmers and create it as an example district to learn from. Donating to this NGO will help replenish the water sources and improve the plight of farmers in India. 

6. AARDE Foundation

AARDE was started in 2007 to revive the cotton-route to not only bring additional income to the farmers and weavers but also to re-establish the cultural-landscape. They plan to revive the indigenous cotton through sustainable farming and scale up sales of its byproduct with the help of technology. The NGO has also established a sustainable income source for the fisher women of Pulicat through their palm-leaf craft marketing plan. You can donate to this NGO to help revive indigenous cotton and encourage sustainable farming to support Indian farmers.

7. Centre for Sustainable Agriculture (CSA)

Source : CSA

The Kisan Mitra helpline was founded in April 2017 in Vikarabad by the Centre for Sustainable Agriculture (CSA). It was later extended to Adilabad and Mancherial districts. Since its inception, around 6,000 farmers have consulted the NGO for many farming and governance-related issues. A contribution to this NGO could help save the life of the Indian farmers in distress.

8. Centre For Dignity (CFD)

Source : Centre for Dignity FB

Founded in 2013, Centre For Dignity aims to promote a sustainable agriculture-based economy among the tribal population in the poorest parts of Odisha. The absence of irrigation and lack/excess of monsoon has led to crop failure and forced farmers to migrate to other states. CFD aims to create and restore small scale-water resources and micro-irrigation structures by building community-based management institutions that help farmers in India. This will help mitigate climate change and assure a sustainable source of income from farming. You can donate to CFD and support sustainable agriculture and improve the plight of farmers in India.


NGO helping Indian farmers : MUKTI

Operating in the Suderban delta in West Bengal, MUKTI is working to alleviate poverty by implementing its HEALER initiative programs ie. Health, Education, Agriculture, Livelihood, Environment, and Rights. The NGO is trying to combat the massive deforestation which is threatening the existence of the Sundarbans. Large scale coconut and other local varieties of plants are being planted to increase forest, mitigate fuel needs of local people and increase income so that human dependencies on forest can be reduced. The NGO requires help to keep up this work and promote sustainable agriculture in the Sunderbans.


NGO helping Indian farmers : VRUTTI
Source : VRUTTI

VRUTTI was established with the aim of uplifting people to have food and income security, self-reliance and ensure equitable opportunities and environment for people to live with dignity. The NGO helped establish the Kagina Farmers Producer Organization with a seed grant from Small Farmers Agri-Business Consortium to promote small farmer’s producer organizations. Through this program, they hope to increase employment, reduce transportation costs and eliminate intermediaries for farmers trying to sell their yield. A donation to VRUTTI will help poor farmers in India earn their livelihood and live a happy life.

Growing climate change, the rising cost of cultivation, high rate of interest on loans and scanty rainfall have all contributed to making life a living hell for the most important community in our country. The need to help farmers in India is now greater than ever and you can help through your small monthly donation. Get in touch with us in the comments below to know more. You can also write to us at

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