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Ozone layer: 5 ways to protect it

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ON an issue related to the environment, the world had never before stood as united as it did in 1987. After scientists conclusively proved that the ozone layer was critical in preventing people from the sun's harmful ultraviolet rays and that chemicals made on Earth had a devastating effect on the layer, an agreement was reached that year called...

Giving the voiceless a voice

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WHEN I first started working almost 30 years ago in an NGO in Rajasthan, I was associated with a group of weavers from the Meghwal community, helping them revive and adapt their traditional craft. I became very close to them and they to me, and for months we would live and work together.With help from others, I did everything...

5 NGOs encouraging girls’ education in India

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WHEN her relatives told Ranjitha's mother that she should discontinue her daughter’s studies and let her work to help the family, she ignored them. She allowed Ranjitha to attend school at Thirumayam in Tamil Nadu's Pudukkottai district. Ranjitha's illiterate mother, who works as a daily wage labourer to make ends meet, understood the importance of girls' education. She knew...

‘Everyday we are inching closer to a clubfoot-free India’

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DEEPAK Premnarayen wears multiple hats - he is the executive chairperson and founder of ICS Group, chairperson of the United Nations’ Women - Business Sector Advisory Council (India), till recently convenor of the India-South Africa CEOs’ Forum and mentor to start-ups globally and in India just to name a few. An experienced entrepreneur and business leader, Premnarayen also has...

Teachers’ Day: The challenge of online classes

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FOR almost 60 years, India has been celebrating Teachers' Day on September 5 to mark the birthday of the country's former President, Dr. S. Radhakrishnan. From cutting cakes and lauding teachers winning state or national awards to students donning the role of teachers, the day has been marked in myriad ways. But for two consecutive anniversaries, the celebration has...

Top 5 NGOs in sports nurturing India’s future champions

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INDIA may not be one of the table-toppers at the Olympics and Paralympics, but the performance of its athletes at this year’s events in Tokyo has given rise to hopes for the future. While exceptionally talented athletes like Neeraj Chopra, Avani Lakhera, Sumit Antil, Saikhom Mirabai Chanu, Lovlina Borgohain, and others have become household names, many more talented young...

‘Age and productivity are not mutually exclusive’

Dr Sheily Sreenivasan
WHAT started as a magazine in 1995 for senior citizens called Dignity Dialogue evolved into Dignity Foundation a few years later. The organisation responds to the felt needs of senior citizens by helping them lead active lives through various productive ageing and social support services for elder care.Raised in an environment of selfless service and dedication to social work,...

A beacon guiding visually impaired girls

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IT was the peak hour at the Canara Bank branch in Delhi, and it was crowded as usual. But the bedlam soon simmered down when Allah Rakhi’s hands swiftly moved among the pile of documents, simultaneously responding to every customer query with a smile. Everyone was in awe. The wonder was not because Allah Rakhi is a diligent young...

‘Those generating waste need education, not waste pickers’

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NINETEEN years ago, Bharati Chaturvedi quit her well-paying job and decided to look for an opportunity to work on urban environmental issues. After finding none to her satisfaction, Bharati founded Chintan Environmental Research and Action Group to work on waste management and air pollution. What started with only her as a volunteer has now turned into one of the...

Disability is not another word for discrimination

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PROLIFIC writer, poet and research scholar at a university in Delhi, Abhishek Annica wanted to rent a flat of his own in India’s capital. This simple exercise became complicated in his case. As he has a locomotor disability, many house owners simply refused to let their house out as soon as they realised he would be staying alone. They...