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is our promise to uphold the trust placed in us for over 19 years

is our promise to uphold the trust placed in us for over 19 years

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All NGOs in Maslandapur

Name of NGOCauseAddress 
Ghoshpur Lokahita Farmers Welfare SamityMicro Finance (SHGs)Vill&Post-Ghoshpur, Via-Maslandapur, Ps-Baduria, Dist-North 24 Parganas,West Bengal.Pin Code-743289
Maslandapur Motilal Dhaki Dot ComHuman RightsVILL - BIDHANPALLY, P.O - MASLANDAPUR, P.S - HABRA, PIN - 743289
Maslandapur SwapnaksharArt & CultureVILL +POST - SADPUR, MASLANDAPUR, , DIST. - NORTH 24 PARGANAS, PIN- 743289
Prayas Maslandapur Social Welfare SocietyChildrenVILL-RAJBALLAVPUR, POST-RAJBALLAVPUR, P.S-HABRA, PIN-743289
Sadpur Dream Light Social Welfar OrganisationMicro Finance (SHGs)Vill-Sadpur,Post-Maslandapur,Ps-Habra,Dist-North 24 Parganas,West Bengal.Pin-743289
Sadpur Netaji Swamiji Seva SanghaAgricultureVILL- SADPUR, PO- MASLANDAPUR, PS- HABRA, DIST- NORTH 24 PARGANAS, PIN- 743289, WEST BENGAL
Uttar Chabbis Parganas Dakshin Chatra Need AcademyChildrenVILL+P.O=DAKSHIN CHATRA, P.S=BADURIA, DIST= NORTH 24 PGS, PIN=743247