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All NGOs in Anandapur

Name of NGOCauseAddress 
Associated Social Service AgencyAnimal HusbandrySailongChhak, Sailong, Ghasipura, 758015
Biswa Gyana Chetana SamajAnimal HusbandryAt/PO- Salapada, Dist-Keonjhar, Odisha, PIN-758020
Dhakotha Yubak SanghaChildrenAT-PO-DHAKOTH, VIA - GHASIPURA, DIST - KEONJHAR, ORISSA, PIN - 758015
National Institute Of Professional StudiesAged/ElderlyNIPS, Anandapur, At/Po-Sailang, Via-Ghasipura, Dist-Keonjhar. Odisha, PIN-758015.
Social Welfare Organisation Of Rural DevelopmentAged/ElderlyAT/PO- PODASINGIDI, VIA - HADAGARH, DIST- KEONJHAR, ORISSA, PIN- 758023
United Rural Development OrganisationAnimal HusbandryAT/P.O-MACHHALO, VIA-SAINKUL, DIST-KEONJHAR, PIN-758043, ODISHA