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All NGOs in Tuensang

Name of NGOCauseAddress 
Along Multipurpose ScoietyEducation & LiteracyAlem Sangtam, C/O Imlisenla Sangtm, Asst/Teacher, G.P.S Chare Station. Tuensang Nagaland
Area Development AgencyArt & CultureTuensang Town, Near Tuensang Hospital, House No. 212, , Tuensang - 798612; Nagaland.
Arnold Library SocietyArt & CultureTuensang - 798612, Nagaland
Changsangli Multipurpose SocietyAgricultureNear I.O.C. Officers Sector, \t\t\t\t\t\t\tTuensang Town, \t\t\t\t\t\t\tP.O Tuensang BOX. NO. 150, \t\t\t\t\t\t\tTuensang - 798612, Nagaland.
Eleutheros Christian SocietyRight To Information & AdvocacyEleutheros Christian Society, Post Box-51, Tuensang - 798612, Nagaland
Frontier Development Society TuensangHuman RightsFrontier Development Society, Tuensang-798612,Nagaland, Post Box-87
Holistic Child Development ProjectAged/ElderlyTuensang Town - 798612
Integrated Development SocietyChildrenIntegrated Development Society, opp: Police Baptist Church, Thana Road, post box-123, Tuensang Hq: Nagaland, pincode: 798612
Khumuk Multipurpose SocietyHIV/AidsKhiamniungan Baptist Church Tuensang, Khumuk Multipurpose Society, Email address- kbctsg@gmail.com, Mailling address- post box No- 09, Pin code- 79861
Kingkhao Goatery Farming Cooperative Society LtdAnimal HusbandryTuensang - 798612, Nagaland., Noklak Village, Tuensang
Living Hope Handicraft Welfare SocietyAnimal HusbandryPost Office Sector, , Tuensang - 798612, Nagaland , Post Box No. 57.
Lujim Multipurpose SocietyAnimal HusbandryChessore Town, District - Tuensang - 798612, Nagaland.
Lumoking Integrated Development SocietyAnimal HusbandryPathso Town E.A.C HQ Tuensang - 798612, Nagaland , Post Box No.90
Lumshawong Horticulture Farming SocietyAnimal HusbandryTuensang - 798612, Nagaland.
Manglumn Multipurpose SocietyAnimal HusbandryTuensang - 798612, Nagaland, Post Post Box.No 110
Multipurpose Farming AssociationAnimal HusbandryPathso B Village, Tuensang, Tuensang District Area
M W Atokiu Multipurpose SocietyAnimal HusbandryTuensang - 798612, Nagaland.
New Yungphang Multipurpose Society TuensangAgricultureYungphang Sector Tuensang Town Pin-798612, Nagaland.
Ngaulang Multipurpose SocietyAnimal HusbandryTaknyu Village, Tuensang- 798612, Post Box No.175, Nagaland.
Nokhu Village Rural Farmers SocietyAnimal HusbandryNoklak Town under Tuensang District, Tuensang - 798612
Rural Welfare SocietyAnimal HusbandryRural Welfare Society, Tuensang-798612, Nagaland, Post Box No -56.
Small Farmer SocietyAnimal HusbandryTuensang - Helipong Village, Post Box No.150
Small Farmer Union Thsotokur VillageAnimal HusbandryThsotokur Village, Tuensang - 798612, Nagaland
Social Welfare SocietyAnimal HusbandrySOCIAL WELFARE SOCIETY, POST BOX NO 153, TUENSANG TOWN.798612. NAGALAND
Sulian Society Chare TownAged/Elderlycommon service center chare town, tuensang nagaland
Thsotokur Voluntary SocietyAnimal HusbandryTuensang - 798612, Nagaland., Post Box.No - 76
Unemployment SocietyAnimal HusbandryTuensang - 798612, Nagaland
Woman Welfare Soceity High School SectorCivic Issueswoman welfare soceity, C/O puti chang , WDT, Land Resources Department, Tuensang-798612, nagaland
Women Welfare SocietyAnimal HusbandryAlemla Chang, Tuensang Town - 798612, Post Box No. 80
Yongpang Multipurpose SocietyAnimal HusbandryNagaland, Tuensang, Pin Code - 798612, Home Address - Yungphang Sector, Mokokchung Road NH - 155