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'The Joy of Giving Week' Unveiled

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July 02, 2009

Ever since the freedom movement there is no event that brings a nation together other than of course the elections and not to forget the India Pakistan cricket matches. So with an idea to come up with a platform to unite the nation, Give India one of the most renowned NGOs in the country has announced 'The Joy of Giving Week' from September 27 to October 3.

jgw surya shriya

'The Joy of Giving Week' to be celebrated all over India aims to get people from all walks of life together to engage in acts of giving- money, time, skills or simple acts of kindness. From millionaires hosting large fundraising events to a slum dweller sharing 1 of his 3 idlis with someone else, the Week aims to create an unprecedented togetherness in celebrating the best within each of us as human beings.

Actors Suriya and Shriya Saran were present at the occasion to pledge their support to 'The Joy of Giving Week.'

N Vaghul, Chairman, GiveIndia says "In the last few months, several NGOs, celebrities, corporates and individuals have come forward and promised to celebrate the Joy of Giving during this Week. We are flooded with generous offers of free advertising, promotion and large scale participation from giant corporations as well as individuals and small companies. Overall, we can sense that India is ready for an idea like this."

The Week will include various events nationally. Riverside School, along with IDEO, NID and the Stanford Design School will reach out to children aged 10-13 years from 10,000+ private and government schools as part of the Design for Giving School Challenge.

JAM Magazine, with support from MTV, will hold 'Campus Joyfests', targeting 3000 colleges all over India. At least 300 colleges are expected to organize "Joyfests" in association with local charities during the Week.

Award winning NGO, Goonj will embark on a mammoth clothes collection drive across 25 cities all over India, during the Week. Goonj re-uses old clothes to provide clothing for the poor and in work-for-clothes programs to implement much needed development work in villages.

A slew of city level events are also being planned in Chennai.

Announcing the "Battle of Buffets", Mr Mahadevan, Managing Director of Oriental Cuisines said, "The premier hotels and restaurants of Chennai will come together on September 30th as part of the Week, donating their most lavish spreads for a high profile fundraising dinner to benefit over 100 NGOs from Tamil Nadu".

Vandana Gopikumar, Founder of The Banyan announced that they would host a special event during the Week bringing together major supporters of the organisation. A painting by MF Hussain and APJ Abdul Kalam would be auctioned at this event.

Suriya and Shriya ended the event by distributing school stationery to underprivileged students to help them start the school year on a positive note.

Daily routine has made all of us rigid, its time to free out and do what we can the best. You could buy your driver a cup of chai, or treat your friend to some food or better yet lunch with strangers or wash someone's car. It is certainly your decision to make this week special and enjoy the joy of giving. So wake up and see what you do to make India a better nation. Log on to and be a part of the remarkable initiative.

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