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GiveIndia Newsletter, September 2012

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The India GIving Challenge Kicks Off!»

Joy of Giving week is almost here!»

Wondering how GiveIndia works?»

Change a life:
Make a disabled person self reliant by sponsoring a tricycle - Rs. 4,800»

Sponsor a six-month vocational training for a destitute adolescent - Rs. 4,000»

1 year Primary Education sponsorship for a very poor child -Rs. 3,800»

Your donation can help an NGO get additional funds

India Giving Challenge We're happy to inform you that the fourth edition of the India Giving Challenge has started. India’s first and only online fundraising event began on September 4th and over 50 lacs have already been raised by NGOs and Corporates.

With additional funds being given out for donations made during the challenge, it's the perfect time to support your favorite NGO.

3 easy ways for you to take part: 1. Make an online donation 2. Collect Rs. 100 each from your friends, family, neighbours and colleagues to support one of the many organisations participating in the event. 3. Let your Facebook friends know about this event. Any of these efforts may help them win additional funds from us!
Joy of Giving week is almost here!

joy of giving Have you decided on your celebrations for the Joy of Giving Week 2012 from Oct 2 until Oct 8?

2011 was a big year which saw several giving events take place across the country; celebrated by 15 lac Indians, from auto drivers to CEOs. These ranged from people volunteering their time with an organisation of their choice, to donating clothes and money. There are many ways you can give and be part of the week. Check out the Joy of Giving Week website for more ideas.

3 easy ways you can celebrate the week through GiveIndia's website:1. Make a donation 2. Spread the word on Facebook/Twitter and encourage others to make a donation 3. Help a NGO win additional funds by making a donation through one of these fundraising pages.

We'd love to hear how you celebrated the week. So shoot us a mail or leave us a post on our Facebook page. Happy Joy of Giving :-)!
Wondering how GiveIndia works?
how it works?

GiveIndia understands that people like you wish to give but are constrained for time. Hence we’ve developed a system that enables you to donate from the comfort of your home. What’s more? We also ensure that your donation reaches the intended beneficiary.

Check out how we work and in case something's not clear, do shoot us a mail at info@giveindia and we'll clear your doubts.
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Cause of the Month:
Thanks to your support we have supported 200 girl children this month. You can help us do more!

girl children education Sponsor 2 girl children's education for one year in Maharashtra - Rs. 6,000» 

girl child Provide a poor tribal girl child food, shelter & education for 2 months - Rs. 3,400»

Giving in Numbers:
Thank you donors for giving a total of Rs. 70.44 lacs to 143 NGOs last month!

The 5 NGOs to receive the maximum donations were:

1. Kalinga Relief and Charitable Trust (KRCT) Rs. 6,49,494

2. The Association of People with Disability - Rs. 3,75,640

3. Blind People's Association, India - Rs. 2,11,024

4 Ashray Akruti - Rs. 2,06,334

5. Society of Friends of the Sassoon Hospitals (SOFOSH) - Rs. 1,90,370

The 5 NGOs to receive the minimum donations were:

1. Bhagini Nivedita Pratishthan - Rs. 400

2. Shubham - Rs. 250

3. Muktangan - Rs. 250

4. Kherwadi Social Welfare Association -
Rs. 250

5. Help A Child - Rs. 250