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Payroll Giving Update: September - 2013
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SPOTLIGHT: Giving Matters at Cognizant

The India Giving Challenge 2013 Begins

Consumers interested in companies that "GIVE BACK"
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SPOTLIGHT: Giving Matters at Cognizant
archana-raghuram This month we are featuring the giving culture at one of the IT majors – Cognizant Technology Services through their CSR program Outreach having made a difference to more than 4,00,000 children with 45,000 volunteers clocking more than 460,000 volunteering hours.

We had the pleasure of interacting with Ms. Archana Raghuram, Global Head of Cognizant Outreach who has been leading the program right from its launch in 2007. It was interesting to know about various initiatives supported by Outreach, challenges faced to get employees involved in the CSR activities and future of giving at Cognizant.
Click here to read more about CSR initiatives at Cognizant
The India Giving Challenge 2013 Begins
india-giving-challengeIts the time of the year when you celebrate the festival of GIVING. Yes, we are happy to tell you that the festival of Giving - The India Giving Challenge has begun!

30 corporates, 35+ NGO's already on board! Nominate your NGO's now and help them win our daily, weekly and overall prizes. Just by participating in the India Givnig Challenge you are driving your NGO towards lots of matchin grants from GiveIndia.

Everybody is gearing up to indulge in the Joy of Giving, send in your participation now! We have slightly changed the dates - Sept 10 to Oct 24, 2013.

In our earlier issues we have talked about why & how to particpate now let us tell you about some fun events to engage employees along with creating a difference in an underprivileged's life:
1. Hold an Auction: Auction off a prime parking space at work, a half or whole day off, a day in the boss’ cabin and other just as innovative stuff.
2.Candy Sale Use the power of the sweet tooth to raise money quickly and easily! Most candy fundraisers provide 100% profit, since items cost about Re. 5 and you can sell them for Rs. 30-50.
3. Organize a cricket or football match: The 11 slots on each side can be auctioned off to employees who wish to participate, which then goes as a donation to your chosen NGO(s). Request other colleagues and family members of participants, who would like to watch the match, to make a ‘spectator donation’ towards your chosen cause.

Click here for more such exciting Event Ideas.

Time to Indulge in the Joy of Giving - Check out the coverage on the India Giving Challenge and Joy of Giving week in Times of India here -
Check out the India Giving Challenge Website for updates & ideas here
Consumers interested in companies that "GIVE BACK"
co-that-givebackConsumers around the world are interested in companies that have implemented programs to give back to society, and the numbers are growing.

And that interest is translating into a willingness to spend more on products and services from companies that give back to society.

From 2011 to 2013, willingness to spend more increased in 43 out of 58 countries measured in Nielsen’s latest Global Survey on Corporate Social Responsibility. Across demographic groups, social-consciousness is also a growing factor in the purchase process.

Companies will have an easier time finding consumers willing to pay extra in India and the Philippines than in Russia, Belgium or Estonia. The density of respondents willing to spend more on products and services from companies that give back varies considerably across the 58 countries Nielsen examined. Broadly speaking, European respondents were less likely to pay more for goods and services from companies that “give back”—just 36 percent of consumers in the region said they would do so. Meanwhile in India, the Philippines, Thailand, and Indonesia, more than two-thirds of respondents said they’d pay extra. A significant threequarters of respondents in India agreed that they would do so.
Read on how to engage socially conscious consumers here
Upgrade to Monthly Donation Option!!
We have introduced the enhanced version of Payroll Giving Programme - the Monthly Donation Option (MDO).

In MDO, contributions reaches the beneficiaries every month & donor gets to know the beneficiary within 2 days of upgrading to MDO.

If you want to upgrade your organisation to MDO, write to us at
GiveIndia's Annual Report FY 2012- 2013

If we could depict the year 2012 – 13 in a single word, that word would be ‘remarkable’.

For the first time in the last thirteen years, we crossed the ` 30 crores landmark in funds raised during a year, bringing over `185 cr. of funds channeled towards the relief of poor, since inception. This was made possible by substantial growth of each of our three key giving models – Payroll Giving, Online & Retail Giving, and HNI Giving –and through contributions from more than 80,000 donors.

.Read more about awards, recognitions, financials and past year's journey here.

Congratulations to
for the HIGHEST number of NEW sign ups last month !

Payroll Giving Impact
5,190 Givers | Rs. 39.6 lacs | 167 NGOs !
Top 5 (by maximum donations)
1. HDFC Bank - Rs. 4,15,658
2. ICICI Bank - Rs. 3,87,628
3. Genpact India - Rs. 2,79,153
4. TCS - Rs. 2,46,540
5. Cognizant - Rs. 2,45,015
Top 5 (by maximum deductions)
1. HDFC Bank - Rs. 18,56,209
2. Genpact India - Rs. 13,79,216
3. TCS - Rs. 13,02,904
4. ICICI Bank - Rs. 10,51,124
5. Cognizant - Rss. 5,02,037
Top 5 (by maximum average sign up value)
1. KPMG - Rs. 388
2. Deloitte - Rs. 335
3. Yes Bank- Rs. 292
4. HDFC Ergo - Rs. 231
5. Mu Sigma- Rs. 224
Top 5 (by maximum active Payroll Givers)
1. Genpact India - 9,390
2. TCS - 6,533
3. HDFC Bank - 5,832
4. ICICI Bank - 5,435
5. Cognizant - 2,248
NASSCOM Social Innovation Honours 2014
The NASSCOM Social Innovation Honours (NSIH) recognizes and honours the spirit of innovation among diverse stakeholders.

Over the past five years, NSIH has celebrated initiatives that have the potential to solve challenging social issues, address the growing needs of underserved communities and foster inclusive growth, demonstrating exceptional use of ICT

Click here for nominations.
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