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Payroll Giving Update: May - 2013

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SPOTLIGHT: Giving Matters at Piramal Enterprises

Examine the impact of your CSR activities on employees

Payroll Giving has helped make a difference

Donation drive by GiveIndia gives Mumbai first hospital for kids

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SPOTLIGHT : Giving Matters at Piramal Enterprises

paresh-parasniThis month we are featuring the culture of giving at Piramal Enterprises, through the initiatives and impact of the Piramal Foundation, committed to finding cost-effective, relevant & innovative solutions to our country’s most pressing challenges.

We were fortunate to know more about this and about corporate foundations trying to steer change from Mr. Paresh Parasnis, who is the head of the Piramal Foundation that is responsible for all the CSR activities of Piramal Enterprises.
Examine the impact of your CSR activities on employees

dr-femida-handyDo you know that CSR activities can affect employee loyalty, commitment and job satisfaction? And that it can portray an image of a caring organisation to your employees? This makes it a win-win..! Here is an opportunity for you to examine the impact of engaging in CSR activities by being a part of research done by a highly experienced team of researchers from University of Pennsylvania.

Celebrated researchers, led by Dr. Femida Handy, Professor, University of Pennsylvania, USA are seeking a corporate partner interested in understanding how Employer Supported Corporate Volunteering Programs impact employees and the employer. Important implications arise in terms of employee loyalty, commitment and job satisfaction. Also, in process of volunteering do employees interpret the company’s actions and identities as helping and caring?

The methodology consists of following 2 activities:
1. Organisations would participate in a 15-20 minute interview by telephone or in person with key informants like HR and CSR managers.
2. Conduct a 10-12 minute web based online survey that will be voluntary, anonymous and confidential to a sample or all of the company’s employees.

The research will involve working closely with the corporate partner at all times in  finalizing of the survey instrument (which is flexible and questions can be added as per the interest of corporate partner). Furthermore, all findings will be checked for reliability with the corporate partner and shared with them.

To be a part of the research you can write to Dr. Handy at -

The project will be led by Dr. Femida Handy, Professor, University of Pennsylvania, USA. She has published many books and articles and received many awards for her work.
Payroll Giving has helped make a difference

sandhya-guptaUdayan Care is a GiveIndia listed NGO that works to empower vulnerable children, women and youth. The Udayan Shalini Fellowship Programme to support young girls for higher education and holistic development is a particularly high impact programme run by Udayan Care.

Ms. Sandhya Gupta, an Udayan Alumini is an exemplary example of achieving success against all odds. Marred by adverse financial conditions with her father being the sole earning member, Sandhya was supported by Udayan Shalini Fellowship to complete her studies from one of the top 50 colleges for Commerce in India. Apart from financial support she was also supported in all other aspects like personality development etc.

As a result, she secured a job with a MNC – GENPACT, one of our Payroll Giving Corporate Partner. Payroll Giving Programme has helped make a difference in her life.

Donation drive by GiveIndia gives Mumbai first hospital for kids

Azim premjiMUMBAI: An altruistic streak among Mumbaikars will help launch the city's first super-specialty hospital meant only for children. Through a donation drive organized by NGO GiveIndia, a dozen of Mumbai's families and corporate houses have pitched in to build the hospital which will come up at Haji Ali in the next two years. The hospital is the brainchild of the Society for Rehabilitation of Crippled Children (SRCC) and will be managed by Bangalore-based heart surgeon Devi Shetty's Narayana Hrudayalaya chain of hospitals.
Maharashtra Drought Relief

In order to facilitate donors to donate to drought relief, GiveIndia has identified two NGOs working for the cause in rural Maharashtra. The NGOS are:

Sanskruti Samvardhan Mandal
Marathwada Gramin Vikas Sanstha

To donate click on the above link. Lets spread the word. Let’s help bring water to the thirsty.


Congratulations to
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for the HIGHEST number of NEW sign ups last month !

Payroll Giving Impact
775 Givers | Rs. 11 lacs | 150 NGOs !
Top 5 (by maximum donations)
1.Cognizant  - Rs. 2,93,210
2. ICICI Bank - Rs. 92,396
3. Genpact India - Rs. 89,095
4. Crisil Ltd. - Rs. 51,620
5. Deutsche Bank - Rs. 47,410
Top 5 (by maximum deductions)
1. HDFC Bank - Rs. 17,77,016
2. TCS - Rs. 13,34,978
3. Genpact India - Rs. 13,08,923
4. ICICI Bank - Rs. 11,62,979
5. Cognizant  - Rs. 5,40,032
Top 5 (by maximum average sign up value)
1. Cognizant  - Rs. 505
2. Genpact India - Rs. 338
3. Amdocs - Rs. 335
4. Future Generali Insurance -  Rs. 174
5. ICICI Bank - Rs. 164
Top 5 (by maximum active Payroll Givers)
1. Genpact India  - 8,755
2. TCS - 6,874
3. ICICI Bank - 5,705
4. HDFC Bank - 5,369
5. Cognizant - 2,497
Support MESCO.. Donate old newspapers!

MESCO is a GiveIndia listed NGO. They collect old Newspapers, Books, Magazines etc from offices/homes and use the amount generated for supporting their health and education related programmes for poor. 

Chance to make a difference is right at you door step..! To support contact:

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