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Payroll Giving Update: March - 2014
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SPOTLIGHT: Giving Matters at Deutsche Bank

Vodafone Cycling Marathon - Bengaluru

CSR - A Guide to Strategize Effective Implementation
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SPOTLIGHT: Giving Matters at Deutsche Bank
linus-chettiar Deutsche Bank is a fully integrated financial services provider to Indian corporate, institutional and individual clients. This month we find out how the organisation excels in engaging its employees through the various CSR initiatives.

We had the pleasure of interacting with Mr. Linus Chettiar, Vice President, Group Communication & CSR, Deutsche Bank India. Linus has been instrumental in setting up the CSR vertical in Deutsche Bank. He tells us about the various platforms adopted to promote giving culture, challenges faces and the road ahead.
Vodafone Cycling Marathon - Bengaluru
vodafone-cycling-marathonIn a city with population of more than 8.5 mn, 23 lac vehicles on road traffic jams and 10k accidents in a year Vodafone wanted to empower people beyond telecom products and services. Hence the idea of Vodafone Cycling Marathon was born.

Cycling is one of the emerging trends that promotes health lifestyle and helps preserve environment. Vodafone Cycling Marathon is an event by Vodafone’s Karnataka Circle to give back and connect with community at large.

Vodafone went a step ahead in its commitment to give back and create positive impact on the community by donating INR 10 lac generated by registration for the event through GiveIndia.

In words of Mr. Atanu Batabyal, Business Head – Vodafone Karnataka, “We are really happy to see the enthusiastic response to the maiden edition of VODAFONE CYCLING MARATHON 2014. Our effort to encourage people to adapt eco-friendly lifestyle is truly getting its impetus. We whole-heartedly thank all the participants for their support. As a responsible corporate, we’ve championed several projects and initiatives that have helped improved lives and created a positive impact in the community. We are really happy to share the proceeds generated through registration for VODAFONE CYCLING MARATHON 2014 of INR 10 lacs with GIVE INDIA to support the work done towards the cause of environment, child education and women welfare.”
CSR - A Guide to Strategize Effective Implementation
The Parliament approved the new Companies Bill, which mandates that companies of a certain size spend 2% of their three-year average annual profit towards corporate social responsibility (CSR), is a landmark one as it makes India among the first nations to have social welfare spending as part of company statute by law. The government has notified that the bill comes into effect 1st April 2014.

The desired intent of the bill is to galvanise companies into using its experience in business, its people, resources and not just money to bring about social change and create social impact.

One of the models of strategically implementing CSR is to look at CSR holistically to bring about social change while creating brand value, integrating and involving the key stakeholders of the company and maybe deriving some investment and or taxation benefits as well.

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Payroll Giving Impact
12,740 Givers | Rs. 82 lacs | 194 NGOs
Top 5 (by maximum donations)
1. HDFC Bank  - Rs. 13,19,205
2. Vodafone - Rs. 10,75,271
3. ICICI Bank- Rs. 6,84,535
4. Cognizant - Rs. 5,44,320
5. TCS - Rs. 4,70,578
Top 5 (by maximum deductions)
1. HDFC Bank - Rs. 17,96,154
2. Genpact India - Rs. 14,27,642
3. TCS - Rs. 12,36,684
4. ICICI Bank - Rs. 10,58,828
5. Vodafone - Rs. 4,91,013
Top 5 (by maximum average sign up value)
1. Viacom - Rs. 541
2. KPMG - Rs. 403
3. ITC Limited -  Rs. 250
4. ITC Infotech - Rs. 249
5. Allscripts - Rs. 225
Top 5 (by maximum active Payroll Givers)
1. Genpact India  - 9,292
2. TCS - 6,085
3. ICICI Bank - 5,456
4. HDFC Bank - 5,353
5. Cognizant - 2,057
Payroll Giver of the Month
niharika-tesco"I like that I am able to make a difference to the life of an under-privileged person, with the money going straight out of my bank account and into a charity listed with with GiveIndia. The Payroll Giving Programme is a brilliant way of allowing corporate executives to be a part of something worthwhile, in spite of hectic work schedules. The details in the feedback shared show where your money goes and whom you are helping as well, so you know that your money is being put to good use!"

- Niharika Mckenzie, Analyst, TESCO, Payroll Giver
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