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Payroll Giving Update: June - 2013

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SPOTLIGHT: Celebrating 13 Years of Giving

Enhancement of Payroll Giving Programme- Monthly Donation Option

People are no longer scared to Donate Online

We welcome our new PRG member
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for helping us relaunch the PRG programme!!

SPOTLIGHT : Celebrating 13 years of Giving

We celebrated our 13th Anniversary with our key stakeholders – NGOs partners, benevolent donors, committed payroll giving corporates, alliance partners and our distinguished board members on May 30, 2013. Members of our stakeholder communities shared their experiences as we revisited our 13 year journey. 

It was an opportunity for us to thank each and every one of you who have been instrumental in this journey. And as our Chairman Mr. N Vaghul said that one thing that binds us all is the “passion of making a difference” and what we have achieved today is a baby step. He mentioned that though GiveIndia is now 13 years old, in terms of growth potential it feels like a baby of 13 months that has a long way to go to fulfill our vision. 

collage-giveIndiaThis journey of 13 years would not have been possible without the support of our corporate partners. Sharing his views on Payroll Giving Program Mr. Sudarshan Jain, CEO Abbott Healthcare said, “We started working with GiveIndia in 2005 for the Payroll Giving Programme and we find that our employees feel a great sense of pride by making a difference through their contribution. They also feel deeply engaged with programmes such as payroll giving that go beyond their day to day activities.” 

Mr. Maninder Juneja, Head Liabilities represented another of our Payroll Giving partners ICICI Bank. Quoting Mr. Juneja on GiveIndia as platform for philanthropic exchange, “We have 6500 employees from ICICI enrolled in our payroll giving programme with GiveIndia. GiveIndia provides us a convenient, credible and transparent platform, leading to no constraints in giving. In fact we have now extended our programme to our customers as well.” 

Being associated with GiveIndia since 2008, Ms. Gazala Sheikh, Senior Manager, CSR - HR HDFC Life shared how GiveIndia help set a giving culture at HDFC Life. And how a ‘Credibility Alliance’ seal of approval gives trust and confidence to donate to the NGO.
Enhancement of Payroll Giving Programme- Monthly Donation Option


Would you like to chose the programme to support when you sign in to the Payroll Giving programme? Do you want to support the same child every month year-on-year?

So now NO accumulation of funds! NO logging into account to donate funds! NO need to remember passwords. Welcome to an easy convenient and engaging way for your employees to contribute via Payroll Giving.

GiveIndia has conceptualized a new programme – the Monthly Donation Option (MDO). Under this programme, an employee selects the exact programme that he/she wants to contribute to while signing up on the programme. Within 15 days, a specific beneficiary is assigned to the employee towards whom his/her contribution will go every month. The employee will receive an update on the beneficiary every 6 months.

We will be reaching out to you in a phased manner to get all your employees onto this new programme.
People Are No Longer Scared To Donate Online

DhavalMUMBAI: GiveIndia, a nonprofit organisation, completed 13 years last week. Phorum Dalal speaks to its CEO Dhaval Udani and founder- director Venkat Krishnan on their journey so far, the effect of social media on charity and the road ahead.

A consultant for a global management consulting firm, DHAVAL UDANI quit is job in 2008, to join GiveIndia ( GI), a non- profit online donation site that allows donors to donate to Indian NGOs, as chief information officer. “ Since 2006, I was volunteering with GI, creating automated systems, feedback and report volumes and overlooking the work done by the technology vendor,” says Udani, who then became CEO in 2011
Payroll Giving @ Chennai & Kolkata!!

We are pleased to share with you that with a new team in place, our outreach has extended to Chennai & Kolkata.

If you want your employees from these cities to participate in the Payroll Giving Programme, Kindly send us the contact details of HR person and employee strength to

Thank you Training inCorporate!

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank Dilnawaaz Irani, Associate Master Trainer from Training inCorporate (TiC)

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She held a fun-filled and insightful training session at our Annual Offsite. TiC specializes in employee training programs, all of which are designed with take-away techniques.Do check them out if your think your staff needs some team-building.


Congratulations to
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for the HIGHEST number of NEW sign ups last month !

Payroll Giving Impact
1156 Givers | Rs. 27 lacs | 159 NGOs !
Top 5 (by Donations)
1. TCS - Rs. 2,72,475
2. ICICI Bank - Rs. 2,67,850
3. HDFC Bank - Rs. 2,54,085
4. Cognizant - Rs. 2,15,430
5. Genpact India - Rs. 1,59,130
Top 5 (by Deductions)
1. HDFC Bank - Rs. 17,75,385
2. Genpact India - Rs. 13,34,608
3. TCS - Rs. 12,82,165
4. ICICI Bank - Rs. 11,06,002
5. Vodafone - Rs. 5,70,380
Top 5 (by Sign up Value)
1. KPMG - Rs. 423
2. Haribhakti & Co. - Rs. 242
3. ICICI Bank - Rs.  239
4. TCS - Rs. 221
5. Firstsource Solutions - Rs. 209
Top 5 (by Active Payroll Givers)
1. Genpact India - 8,271
2. TCS - 6,608
3. ICICI Bank - 5,690
4. HDFC Bank - 5,460
5. Cognizant - 2,404
Payroll Giver of the Month

"It was the most satisfying feeling I have ever felt. It seemed like I have helped someone of my own. The picture brought tears of joy in my eyes. I did not know that my small donation will help this much. This has encouraged me to do more, donate more.”

- Jeetendra Makhija (Payroll Giver, ICICI Bank)
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