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Payroll Giving Update : January - 2013

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QUICK RECAP : Payroll Giving Impact in 2012
Looking Ahead :The GIVING Resolutions
Looking Back : GiveIndia in the news

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Payroll Giving Impact in 2012
Rs.10.7 crores raised in contributions

Rs. 11.6 crores
channelled in donations

116 Companies implemented Payroll Giving
11 Companies matched Employee Contributions
Rs. 1.4 crores worth of matching
54,000+ Employees donated
17,000+ New Sign Ups

1,40,000+ Donation Units chosen

The GIVING Resolutions: Visions of Change

The new year always brings new to-dos, renewed ambitions and scope for making more impact ! As we ushered in 2013 with our 'giving' aspirations, we asked our Payroll Giving Corporate partners what each of their respective organizations look forward to enhance giving this year. Here they are, right from the Change Makers' desks, the GIVING RESOLUTIONS from 12 of our Payroll Giving Corporate partners

India Giving Challenge"MakeMyTrip looks forward to evolve in our organizational journey of Collective Giving this year. Our Corporate Giving initiatives have so far been guided by the themes of inclusiveness and knowledge-sharing, and we intend to add a dimension of Responsible Travel that will involve our employees as well as our customers."
Deep Kalra, Founder & CEO, Make My Trip

India Giving Challenge"In 2013, Prudential (PPMS) looks forward to continuing its support of Community activities through our payroll giving program which has been the cornerstone of the organisation's contributions for many years and allows colleagues to choose directly how the community is supported. In 2013 we will also see an enhanced drive to increase participation in Colleague Volunteering programs, building on the good foundations laid over the last few years and thus enriching the overall Community experience!"
                            - Jonathan Sandell,MD,Prudential Process Management Services

India Giving Challenge"At Firstsource we are committed to developing a culture where every member of our organization finds it important to participate in some form of giving or the other. We provide a broad range of occasions given all our busy lifestyles, for employees to choose from - to give joyfully, according to their means and in a manner they feel is most appropriate. We plan to deepen our reach and message to employees in the coming years, though innovative giving opportunities and employee communication"
        - Gaurav Bahadur, Global HR Head, Firstsource Solutions Click here to know more on what these Change Makers had to share on their visions of a Giving 2013
GiveIndia in the News

India Giving ChallengeSeveral of our initiatives last year saw traction and visibility on the media.
Hence, it was a great sense of gratitude that we collaborated with Forbes as knowledge partners for its first installment of the Forbes Philanthropy Awards. We thank Forbes for valuing our contribution at Philanthropy.

India Giving ChallengeThis year too, as we continue being process partners in the Times of India Social Impact Awards with a similar sense of gratitude, here's cheers to a great year ahead. We wish all our stakeholders "newer innings and enriched givings" :-)

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Congratulations to


for the highest number of new sign ups last year

The top 5 companies as per donations in 2012 were
1. Genpact - Rs. 1,02,39,614
2. Cognizant - Rs.36,73,673
3. Vodafone - Rs. 23,09,118
4. ICICI Bank- Rs.16,58,873
5. HDFC Bank - Rs.15,97,504
The top 5 companies as per deductions in 2012 were
1. HDFC Bank - Rs.2,04,63,140
2. Genpact - Rs. 1,21,47,928
3. ICICI Bank - Rs. 1,11,65,203
4. Cognizant - Rs. 84,79,830
5. TCS - Rs. 53,27,314
The 5 companies with maximum average sign up value were

1. IPAN Hill+Knowlton Strategies - Rs.873
2. ST Microelectronics - Rs. 479
3. Star India - Rs. 408
4. Transocean - Rs. 377
5. Deutsche Bank- Rs. 358

The 5 companies with maximum number of active participants until 2012

1. Genpact - 8,093
2. TCS- 6,322
3. HDFC Bank - 5,889
4. ICICI Bank - 5,038
5. Vodafone - 3,042

Product Stalls from Diya !
Tour de India 2012

Diya Foundation, an organization that trains intellectually challenged adults, has come up with its new product range comprising chocolates, candles and several other home accessories. Contact to set up a stall and help your employees buy gifts while making a difference!

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