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Payroll Giving Update : February - 2013

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SPOTLIGHT:Giving Matters at Thermax

Vodafone makes a World of Difference

GiveIndia is the Most Popular Charity Website of the Year !

Investigation :How does Corporate Giving influence employee well being

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SPOTLIGHT : Giving Matters at Thermax

India Giving ChallengeTalk about corporate giving culture and one of the firsts that come to mind is giving at Thermax. A mid sized engineering and manufacturing company, Thermax has always been ahead of its times in ensuring a close integration of social responsibility into its corporate culture, be it within its internal workforce or through external stakeholders.

We were fortunate to know more on this very culture from Meher Pudumjee, Chairperson, Thermax. Being one of the primary custodians of the Thermax group, Meher shares with us what defines giving at the organizations, employee giving, the Foundation, and more !
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Vodafone makes a World of Difference

India Giving ChallengeWhen a group of 25 employees takes 8 weeks out of their lives to be away from home, office, friends and family,and instead work with a charity of their choice, you know that something is definitely changing.
This is the very ideology that shapes up Vodafone's unique corporate giving initiative – World of Difference. Managed by the Vodafone Foundation and practiced globally in 22 countries, the World of Difference initiative mobilizes people to take time out and work for a charity of their choice. In India, the programme sees its second year of run with GiveIndia as its fundraising partner. As 25 employees from 25 different circles work in 25 different NGOs, the respective circles are backing them up with raising additional support from the employees by collecting funds. Thus every participating circle is paying effort to raise funds by creating dedicated fundraising pages for the NGO their fellow employee is volunteering at.
The result – a community form of fundraising, lots of enthusiasm, excitement, activities both on and off the ground and a leader board that reflects which circle is doing what and by how much ! This is the first time, the rest of Vodafone will also fundraise for one of the 25 participating NGOs in the exciting 'Giving Championships'. What's more, there are lots of exciting fundraising plans in store across Vodafone India to get everyone involved from auctions, raffles, rock concerts to marathons. How does Vodafone's one of a kind initiative engage employees?
GiveIndia is the Most Popular Charity Website of the Year

India Giving ChallengeVery recently, GiveIndia was accorded the Most Popular Charity Website of the Year.

 Initiated by the online research agency MetrixLab, The Website of the Year (WOTY) India award recognizes the best Indian websites on the basis of people's choice and is regarded as India's most important people's choice award for websites.
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Investigation : How does Corporate Giving influence Employee well being

India Giving ChallengeBUFFALO, N.Y. – A five-year study by researchers at three universities has established that providing tangible assistance to others protects our health and lengthens our lives. This, after more than two decades of research failed to establish that the same benefits accrue to the recipients of such help.
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GiveIndia has won the fourth round of Mahindra's Spark the Rise. This entitles us to an initial prize of Rs. 4 lacs.
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Congratulations to


for the HIGHEST number of NEW sign ups last month !
Payroll Giving Impact
1977 Givers | Rs. 55 lacs | 163 NGOs !
The 5 companies with the maximum donations last month
1. Vodafone - Rs. 10,41,923
2. ICICI Bank- Rs.5,46,090
3. HDFC Bank - Rs. 4,53,588
4. Cognizant - Rs.3,69,568
5. Genpact - Rs.2,47,478
The 5 companies with maximum deductions last month

1. HDFC Bank -Rs. 18,80,226
2. TCS - Rs.15,47,312
3. Genpact - Rs. 12,07,654
4. ICICI Bank - Rs.9,94,478
5.Vodafone- Rs. 7,33,845

The 5 companies with maximum average sign up value last month

1. Star India- Rs. 405
2. KPMG - Rs. 327
3. AllScripts - Rs. 267
4. HDFC Standard Life - Rs. 257
5. Onmobile Global - Rs. 254

The 5 companies with maximum number of active participants until last month
1. Genpact - 8,210
2. TCS- 6,374
3. HDFC Bank- 6,013
4. ICICI Bank - 5,292
5. Cognizant - 2,658
Payroll Giver of the month
Tour de India 2012

Even if its small contribution It makes me feel that I have helped someone who needs support . I look forward to contributing more and liked the transparency of the donation process.

-Sujeesh Joy
(Payroll Giver, Cognizant)
On making a donation to the NGO Sangopita.

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