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Payroll Giving Update: December - 2014
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SPOTLIGHT: Giving Matters at CYIENT Ltd.

India Giving Challenge 2014 - Results

CSR and Acquiring Effective Workforce

We welcome our new PRG member
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for helping us relaunch the PRG programme!!
SPOTLIGHT: Giving Matters at CYIENT Ltd.
amita-maheshwariCYIENT is a company focussed on providing solutions to engineering, networks and operations. Solutions include product development and life-cycle support, process and network engineering, plus data transformation and analytics.

We had the pleasure of interacting with Mr. Anand Parameswaran, Sr. Vice President, HR & Talent Deployment at CYIENT. Mr. Parameswaran has 20+ years of industry experience. It was interesting to know about various platforms adopted to promote giving culture, challenges faced and road ahead.
India Giving Challenge 2014 - Results
india-giving-challengeWhen it comes to giving, we never hold back! That’s what happened this IGC. With 9 weeks of ‘Fun’draising, our Corporate partners made sure they made the best out of it.

A quick recap of the IGC – We thought of doing something different this IGC and hence decided to focus on Fresh Funds. All our matching grants were given to the NGOs on basis of the fresh funds raised by their Corporate supporter. 14 Corporate raised over INR 16 Lacs in fresh funds supporting 24 NGOs. Matching grants worth over INR 9 Lacs were given to the nominated NGOs. Although we were focussing on fresh funds, that doesn’t mean payroll amount was not raised. Over INR 63 Lacs was raised from the Payroll Account of the employees.

BIG thanks to all the Corporate who participated and raised funds! Let the culture of giving continue!
CSR and Acquiring Effective Workforce
india-giving-challenge Modern world of business is one of fierce competition and complex economic objectives. A business that aims to not just survive in such a world, but to acquire an even bigger share of it, do require a considerably proficient and loyal manpower.

Companies around the globe are trying every trick in the book to attract some major talent in its direction and also to retain its existing staff to best of their capabilities. This involves offering incentives, such as increase in salary, extra bonuses and best training methods.

In addition, what many businesses can adapt to is the successful implementation of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) to achieve the exact similar objectives. There are many case studies carried out in North America that support this concept, assessed by a company’s ability to retain their most proficient staff for long period of time.
Payroll Giving Ambassador of the Month
india-giving-challengeIt is a great privilege to be a part of the Give India Initiative. I believe that the world is divided into 3 groups: givers, takers and a few who can balance both the impulses. Giving is a beautiful thing. It is the currency of compassion and kindness and this is what separates good people from the rest. We, in Hexaware Technologies, were privileged to witness the employees come forward to support the cause whole heartedly in Chennai and Bangalore, and it shows that the heart beats in the IT industry for social causes. Hats off to Give India for providing the platform to enable the employees to contribute by bringing the basket of NGOs in one place.
- Stanley George C, VP & HR Head (South India), Hexaware Technologies Ltd.
Congratulations to

for the HIGHEST number of NEW sign ups last month!
Payroll Giving Impact
32,806 Givers | Rs. 2.3 Cr | 207 NGOs
Top 5 (by maximum donations)
1. Genpact India - Rs. 70,29,983
2. ICICI Bank - Rs. 26,06,547
3. KPMG - Rs. 15,34,797
4. TCS - Rs. 8,35,788
5. TESCO - Rs. 6,10,181
Top 5 (by maximum deductions)
1. Genpact India - Rs. 17,39,656
2. HDFC Bank - Rs. 16,85,610
3. TCS - Rs. 12,43,660
4. ICICI Bank - Rs. 10,00,186
5. KPMG - Rs. 5,22,636
Top 5 (by maximum average sign up value)
1. Coca-Cola India - Rs. 2,342
2. KPMG - Rs. 282
3. Tata Communications - Rs. 273
4. Reliance Big Entertainment - Rs. 258
5. Hexaware Technologies - Rs. 239
Top 5 (by maximum active Payroll Givers)
1. Genpact India  - 11,480
2. TCS - 5,787
3. ICICI Bank - 5,226
4. HDFC Bank - 4,594
5. TESCO - 2,063
Giver of the Month
We have two Giver of the Month this month! Congratulations to both!
vodafone-wod vodafone-wod
- Sandeep Duvvuru, TESCO - Ayaaz Khan, Coca-Cola India
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