Payroll Giving Update August 2015
Top 5
(By Maximum Donations)


ICICI Bank- Rs. 8,45,788

ITC Limited - Rs.7,51,380

Vodafone - Rs.6,21,254

Tesco - Rs. 5,10,581

Top 5
(By Maximum Deduction)

Genpact- Rs. 19,99,888

TCS - Rs. 16,69,862

ICICI Bank - Rs. 9,19,977

HDFC Bank - Rs. 8,34,053

KPMG - Rs. 6,98,152

Top 5
(By Maximum avg. sign up value)

Star India - Rs. 267

KPMG - Rs. 237

Edu. Initiatives Pvt Ltd - Rs 216

Vistex - Rs. 215

Firestar Int. Ltd. - Rs. 191

Top 5
(By Maximum active payroll givers)

Genpact - 13402

TCS- 5629

ICICI Bank - 4696

HDFC Bank - 4218

Amdocs - 2150



Payroll Giving Impact

185 NGOs got impacted by 30,755 Givers by a donation amount of Rs.1,09,44,796

One Small Spark - by Kelly Munro

Pooja lost her family when she was only young, leaving her with no way of accessing an education. Vidhayak Sansad took her in, gave her a place to live and study. She now studies Law, a path which she could have never dreamed possible.

Many families from all over Maharashtra now wish to send their daughters, sisters, nieces to Vidhayak Sansad’s school. However the school is unable to take on anymore students, with the boarding rooms and classes completely full. A second school, with the ability to board 600 girls, is now in the making. When the building of this school is completed, Vidhayak Sansad will be able to change the lives of thousands of women.

To

Cause of the Month

Diability Day

India’s education policy needs a complete overhaul

Education is soft infrastructure and must receive priority investments and concessions like the rest of the infrastructure sector. Just as one identifies and supports priorities in infrastructure, one needs to identify priorities in education and implement them through a medium-term national education strategy. If the nation needs more, say, civil engineers, or more accountants, then plan ahead, create the education highways for these to ensure that progress is achieved-the education policy must create institutions and mechanisms for delivery along national priorities.

We need it to create aspirations for us at the very least, and grow us as individuals and people. The word inspiration literally means an intake of breath, the life force. Education is just that, an intake of that life force, prana, that will drive us to be better and create more value. To merely seek employment as a goal of education is not enough; it is only the first step. If education policy is designed to only meet this basic requirement in schools and colleges, then it must add components of lifelong learning for meeting greater aspirations and ensuring progress for its people throughout their lives. To read more..

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