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Payroll Giving Update: August - 2014
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India Giving Challenge 2014: Sep 09 to Oct 30, 2014

New feature on GiveIndia's website

Leveraging GiveIndia's Online Donation Platform
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India Giving Challenge 2014: Sep 09 - Oct 30, 2014
india-giving-challengeWe formally announce the dates for the most awaited festival of Giving - The India Giving Challenge from Sept 09 - Oct 30, 2014.

In our last edition we had told you why you should participate in the India Giving Challenge and now here is how you can participate in the Challenge

Online aspect: Corporates nominate NGOs and create a fund raising page (known as iGive page) on the GiveIndia website for each nominated NGO. The GiveIndia team helps in the process and then supports participants with marketing collateral such as mailers, posters as well as publishes a daily dashboard of overall fund raising progress for all participants.

Offline aspect: The GiveIndia team plans, facilitates activities aimed at creating on-the-ground awareness for the cause by holding NGO mela in offices, taking employees out at a center visit or helping employee champion the cause in executing newer ideas such as fun-n-fairs, in-kind donation drives or volunteering. So engage your employees during the Daan Utsav - Joy of Giving Week and make a difference in an under privileged persons life.

We await your participation in the Sixth Edition of the India Giving Challenge. Please write to to know more.
New feature on GiveIndia's Website
Yes.. We have come up with a new feature for all our donors to enhance their Payroll Giving Impact year-on-year.

The impact of the employee contributions has been tremendous and thus we decided to help the employees do some more. Donors can now increase their payroll giving contribution year on year with just a click.

By logging into their GiveIndia accounts employees can specify a date and amount to increase their payroll contributions and every year on the specified date we will increase their contributions.

We believe this will help the employees who want to do more but are tied up to do it on a regular basis to enhance their impact and make a bigger difference. So go ahead and increase your contributions now!
Leveraging GiveIndia's Online Donation Platform
Apart from the existing Payroll Giving partnership do you want to know various other ways to leverage GiveIndia’s online donation platform for your campaigns? This month we bring to you cases of our corporate partners and their strategies to leverage GiveIndia’s platform to fundraise for their campaigns.

First case in point is Deutsche Bank’s annual fundraiser ‘Trade for a Cause’ campaign. Trade for a Cause is a virtual trading game as a fund raiser for worthy causes. This year Deutsche Bank supported Chirag Rural Development Foundation, one of GiveIndia’s listed NGO, to light up villages across states.

Given that Payroll Giving partnership is already in place, GiveIndia helped Deutsche Bank raise more funds by providing an opportunity to employees who want to contribute a big amount but cannot do so upfront. GiveIndia got a process in place so that employees can divide the amount over a period of 6 months and donate as EMI’s. Deutsche Bank successfully raised over INR 11 lac on using this EMI option.

Second case in point is Vodafone’s flagship ‘World of Difference’ campaign. Vodafone India used GiveIndia’s platform for raising INR 1.12 cr+. Employees donated the amount from their GiveIndia Payroll Giving accounts and used our safe online donation platform to contribute through Credit Card, Debit Card and Net Banking.
One of our NGOs featured in Wall Street Journal
Nestled in a brick wall near the old quarter of India’s capital city, New Delhi, a wicker basket sits on a wooden ledge. It’s a place for people to abandon their unwanted babies.

The basket belongs to an organization called Palna — the Hindi word for “cradle” — a reference to the basket itself. Here’s a look at what happens after a child and parent part ways here, on the street, in New Delhi.

Click here to read the whole article on PALNA, an offshoot of the Delhi Council for Child Welfare, one of GiveIndia's listed NGO.

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Payroll Giving Impact
20,126 Givers | Rs. 67 lacs | 189 NGOs
Top 5 (by maximum donations)
1. ICICI Bank  - Rs. 10,02,765
2. ITC Ltd - Rs. 8,15,633
3. TCS - Rs. 4,09,373
4. KPMG - Rs. 3,23,600
5. Genpact India - Rs. 3,13,310
Top 5 (by maximum deductions)
1. HDFC Bank - Rs. 17,81,624
2. Genpact India - Rs. 16,98,159
3. TCS - Rs. 12,96,524
4. ICICI Bank - Rs. 9,78,599
5. ITC Limited - Rs. 5,22,544
Top 5 (by maximum average sign up value)
1. QLogic India - Rs. 450
2. CIBIL - Rs. 397
3. Star India -  Rs. 302
4. Tata Capital - Rs. 300
5. KPMG - Rs. 258
Top 5 (by maximum active Payroll Givers)
1. Genpact India  - 11,558
2. TCS - 5,990
3. HDFC Bank - 5,388
4. ICICI Bank - 5,128
5. ITC Limited - 2,006
FICCI CSR Awards are here
The aim of the award is to identify and recognise the efforts of companies in integrating and internalising Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in a strategic and systematic way into their core business operations and over all corporate strategy.

Click here for nominating your organisation.
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