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What is the Payroll Giving programme?

Payroll Giving is a unique programme for corporate employees and organizations eager to give back to society.
It is:
when employees deduct a small part of their salary every month, which accumulates and can then be donated to a cause of their choice. Employees can join this purely voluntary programme for as little as Rs50 per month!
very easy to use. Participants can do everything they need to right from the convenience of their desks. GiveIndia ensures that every donor gets a beneficiary report (within 4-6 months of making a donation) on how their money has been utilized.

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Real Givers, Real Stories:

I am glad that a small contribution from me has made a positive difference in the lives of needy people. I felt humble when I read the feedback.

 - Sandhya Poojari, Payroll giver employed by HDFC Bank

Funds Contributed: Rs. 8 crores»

Total number of PRGivers: 30,000+»

Number of Companies: 60+»
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Payroll Giving Programme FAQ

1. How can I join the programme?
Only employees of companies that have already registered with GiveIndia are eligible to join the Payroll Giving programme. Check if your company is a Payroll Giving company and then follow the steps enumerated below.
If your company is already a Payroll Giving company, this is what you need to do:
1. Visit:
2. You will need to fill up the following details:
  • The name of your organisation:
  • Your employee Code:
  • Your department:
  • Monthly payroll deductible amount:
3. Set the status to ‘enable’. Then, click the ‘update’ button. You have joined the programme and your deductions will begin from the following month.
2. How can my company join the programme?
Request your HR department to send an email to expressing your company’s interest to join the programme; and we will get in touch with them and take it forward.
3. How do I donate the amount lying in my Payroll Giving account with GiveIndia?
Please follow these steps:
Step 1: Select your favourite cause / NGO and find a donation option that you would like to support. Then, click on the 'Add to Cart' / 'Proceed to Donate' button.
Step 2:  Log into the site with your email ID and password. ('Forgot ten your password? Click here and fill in your email ID. A new one will be emailed to you, which you can use to log into the site).
Step 3: You will be taken to your Donation Cart page. Click on the 'Checkout Now' button to proceed to pay for your donation.
Step 4: Complete your donation by selecting 'My Account' as your mode of payment.