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September 2013 CSRVISION 15


Does its bit for The Society
PAYBACK is a pioneer and leader among multi- brand loyalty programs, offering best in class loyalty benefits to its partners and members. In India, PAYBACK has millions of active members, growing rapidly every year and over 30 in-store and online partners brands participating in its network., An internationally renowned brand, PAYBACK merges best practices of a global company with the Indian entrepreneurial spirit, to create value for its partners and members.
PAYBACK is the partner of choice for market-leading brands such as ICICI Bank. HPCL, Vodafone, I IniverCell, Big Bazaar, Food Bazaar, Food Hall, Pantaloons, Central, Brand Factory, e zone, Home Town,,,, fashionLa)Bigliazaar ifbb) and many more The program has a reach across segments covering everyday consumer spends ranging from groceries, to travel and entertainment.
The PAYBACK program creates a sustainable differentiator for its partner brands through its strong analytics capability. Valuable insights into consumer buying behaviour that can be used and that would help add to their customer acquisition, retention and average ticket size, are provided. Partners ran customize marketing efforts based on these advanced analytics, sophisticated predictive modeling and evolution segmentation.
PAYBACK also has a corporate rewards program which is a unique loyalty solution addressing the Rewards and Recognition needs of the corporate, both for its employees and its channel partners. The program is designed to help organizations in motivating employees and external channel partners towards common organizational goals around business targets, driving corporate values, incentivizing performances etc.
PAYBACK is the loyalty program operated by Loyalty Solutions and Research Private Limited ILSRPL). LSRPL Is a venture funded company with Loyalty Partner GmbH, Peepul Capital and ICICI Venture as its investors. Loyalty Partner GmbH is a subsidiary of American Express.
Globally, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSRI has been established as an imperative constituent of the business arena; and the growing importance of CSR initiatives have rewritten the relationships of business with not just its shareholders, but all stakeholders including employees, supply chain partners, government, creditors, customers and surrounding communities.
Engaging in CSR initiatives is thus a desired investment of the 21st century knowledge economy that not only supports the developmental process of the social order but also facilitates constructive business progress. In consideration with this evolution, an emerging trend is being witnessed amongst Indian companies to increasingly focus on CSR as a structured process. This movement can be determined through the number of activities being carried by the business enterprises in the current environment. In a recent study it is estimated that 57 percent of the companies in India are reported to have formal processes for CSR engagements in place.
Business organizations of today are actively doing their bit to support charity causes either through fund creation or donations initiatives. Fund creation is however a more sustained effort as it ensures a system of continuous fund generation and a seamless process to secure its transfer. A similar and compelling fund creation platform is offered by PAYBACK India, a leading player in multi-brand loyalty space of the country.

PAYBACK's innovative CSR approach:
PAYBACK’s fundamental CSR framework is weaved around the objective of enabling a positive impact on the community, among other stakeholders. Being a loyalty solutions provider, the company has commenced a unique system to raise 1 ends for charity causes.
The Model Explained: A PAYBACK Member (a person who has enrolled into the loyalty program) can earn PAYBACK Points at over 3000 in-store and more than 40 online partner brands in India. Besides the option to redeem the accumulated PAYBACK Points for purchases made at PAYBACK Partner Brand outlets - both in-store and online, members or the program have the option to redeem their points for over 800 rewards across 20 different categories on the micro-shop on the brand's website. Additionally the distinguishing feature of PAYBACK that provides flexibility to members to use their points and support social causes of their choice - ranging from footing cost of medical care of an underprivileged individual to the more recent Uttarakhand Calamity Relief Fund since the launch of which, given the simplicity and mass accessibility of the program, hundreds and millions of points have been channelled for this cause alone.

PAYBACK has always been cognizant of the society's holistic development and underscores it with ongoing efforts that make it possible to redeem points towards various charity options available on the PAYBACK Catalogue, for a member to donate as per individual's convenience anytime. The values of points redeemed by the customers are entirely passed on to the NGO concerned. PAYBACK does not recover any cost of operation nor retains any margins on donations made by members through redemption. Every individual
Customer who has redeemed gets confirmation on receipt of their contribution from the NGO and the N(1) also sends a tax deduction c-receipt for tax benefits to the member.

PAYBACK Social Impact Stories:
As one of its key CSR partners PAYBACK works with GiveIndia (a donation platform that allows donors to support a cause of their choice from about 200 screened grass root level NGOs). Few interesting initiatives that make PAYBACK's efforts as the catalysis of change are captured.
CASE 1: The Akshaya Patra Foundation
Each month the points contribution through PAYBACK have been instrumental in providing for a year's worth of mid-day meals for 100-h poor children.
Key Objectives of mid-day meal program are:
•  Impakshaya patra foundaionroving the nutritional status of
• Encouraging  needy  children
     belonging to underprivileged sections
     to attend school more regularly
• Help them concentrate in classroom
     activitiefeed poor childrens • Avoid child labour
• Most importantly, ensuring a better
     tomorrow for the country and society.

CASE 2: Tanker Foundation
Referred to TANKER Foundation,
M.  Lakshmanaraj  joined  its
subsidized dialysis unit in April
2011. He did not have a suitable
donor nor could he get registered
for a Cadaver Transplant as there
are no related facilities to register
press release
Mr. M. LakshPrianaraj, aged 25, single, resides in Madurai. His mother Mrs. Paianiammal works as a daily wage labourer. He has a brother and a sister who are married. He had uncontdonate onlinerolled hypertension which led to renal failure in 2010 resulting in loss of appetite, vomiting and reduced urine output. He was advised to take dialysis treatment. Initially his mother with her meagre earnings and his brother supported his dialysis expenses. The cost per dialysis in private hospitals ranges from INR 1, 000 to 2, 500 plus consumables. This became unaffordable after sometime.
in Government hospital in Madurai. He couldn't have registered in a private hospital as the transplant costs were between INR 2-3 Lakhs. However, his health improved greatly after taking regular dialysis in TANKER. He is thankful to PAYBACK donors and GiveIndia for helping him with his dialysis treatment.
...And PAYBACK continues to tread on
PM-"BACK's founding vonline donationision has been to make 'every consumer interaction a rewarding experience' and this hold true in terms of Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives as well, as members are provided with an opportunity to give back to society.
Grounded on this ideology and focused on creating a responsible, sustainable and transparent business approach that helps build the brand and reputation. PAYBACK has aided the process of strengthening the community and therefore the marketplace with a CSR plan which is embedded well Into the business culture reflecting the organizational values and objectives. The organization not only realizes the impact of CSR activities in the society, the environment and its own prosperity, but treats it as an integral and decisive factor ruling all strategic decisions of the organization.

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