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India Giving Challenge

The Bengaluru Cyclathon

 Andhra Pradesh Floods

Payroll Giving Updates

Change a life
Donate half the cost for a modern Tricycle/Wheel chair - Rs. 4,050»

Child's Primary Education Fees Sponsorship - Rs.3,000»

1 month's salary for a counselor - Rs.3,000»

India Giving Challenge

India Giving ChallengeThe India Giving Challenge finally came to an end! Wewould like to thank everyone who was involved in making thisevent India's largest online fundraising event! Over Rs. 90 lacswas raised from more than 5,000 donors!

The winners are Parivaar Education Society, who has won Rs. 8 lac in funding for themselves, in the NGO category and WNS, who has won Rs. 10 lac in funding for their chosen NGOs, in the Corporate category. Visit the official Challenge website to view the other winners.

For all those who were part of this event, we would love to hear your experience; a writeup, videos,photographs, mailers, posters - anything at all that you would like toshare with us. We would also appreciate feedback.

Infact, to make it easierfor everyone to respond, we've created a survey. Wewould be glad if you could spare 10-15 mins to visit the link below andfill out the surveyto help us make the event bigger and better next year.
The Bengaluru Cyclathon

BSA Hercules CyslathonThe first BSA Hercules Bengaluru Cyclothon, for which GiveIndia was the Charity partner, took place on Sunday, 11th of October.

GiveIndia had 10 Corporate Challenge teams of 20 riders each who took part as well as several individuals who had decided to raise money for a good cause. We are yet in the process of tallying the funds raised and will let you know the final figure soon.

The ride went off smoothly with young and old enjoying cycling down the course. After the event there were music and bicycle stunts that kept the crowd entertained. View photos of the event.

Thank you Bengaluru for your enthusiastic support! We look forward to riding with you next year and to helping lots of NGOs through this event.

Andhra Pradesh Floods Update

Andhra Pradesh Flood ReliefThe late monsoon has created havoc in parts of Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Maharashtra. Thousands have lost their homes, their cattle and their livelihoods. Even after the flood waters recede, these people will need help in rebuilding their lives.

While all of us cannot be helping people personally, we can do our bit by helping these NGOs raise funds and provide for these marooned people.

An Update from Payroll Giving

The response to our Payroll Giving programme from corporate employees has been most positive, thanks partly to some inspiring launch mails sent out by the CEOs....the recent ones being Martin Peter of Vodafone, Balki of Lintas, Udayan Sen of Deloitte, Ravishankar of Geometric and Salil Parekh of Capgemini.

At each of these companies, we had approximately 40-50% of employees met signing up for the programme. And they signed up for a good monthly contribution of Rs 200. The employees' response would not have been so positive if it weren’t for the support from the co-ordinators like Prema, Jyotsna, Shivani and Priya of Vodafone, Nutan from Onmobile, Sandeep from Deloitte, and Sunil from Lintas.

The sign up drive at Geometric and Capgemini has just commenced. With the support of Rajesh and Namita of Capgemini and Deepak and Harsha from Geometric, we are confident of a positive response from there too.

New NGOs on the block:

6 newly-listed NGOs on GiveIndia are:

Alternative for Rural Movement (ARM) wishes to establish an equitable social order through motivation, facilitation and self activity among backward rural communities; with an emphasis on women & children in the sphere of health, education and human rights.

Friends for the Needy
gives support to the poor, unwanted and disabled.

Good Sheperd Organisation (GOSON) is working to increase the awareness of HIV/AIDS among rural, urban and tribal communities. It also offers treatment to HIV/AIDS victims and operates a home for orphaned AIDS children.

Nava Karnataka Social Service Trust's aim is to strengthen and nurture society and encourage its economical development and growth.

Samarthanam Trust for the Disabled equips visually, physically and economically challenged individuals with education, technology and knowledge and provides a conducive environment to nurture their talents in sports and cultural activities.

Social Activities for Rural Development Society (SARDS)
envisages a society driven by values where every child, family and the community realize wholeness of life.

Giving in numbers:
The top 5NGOs who received  funds in the past month are:

Associationfor Rural Development & Action Research (ARDAR)- Rs. 3,66,042

CatalystsFor Social Action  - Rs.  2,60,909

ChildAid Foundation - Rs.  2,11,589

Sevalaya - Rs. 2,01,893

SankaraNethralaya - Rs. 1,61,492

NGOfeedback efficiency ratings:
View NGO feedback efficiency ratings as of October10.

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