GiveIndia NGO Newsletter, September 2008
Did you know?

Did you know??

Difference between Income & Expenditure account & Receipts & Payments account:-

Income & expenditure account comprises of only revenue items whereas Receipts & Payments Account comprises of both revenue & capital items. For example purchase of fixed assets: this will reflect in Receipts & Payments Account but not Income & expenditure account. The other difference is Receipts & Payments Account is always prepared on cash basis whereas Income & expenditure account can either be cash or accrual basis. Income & Expenditure account reflects the net position of operations as on a particular date but the Receipts and Payments Account reflects the gross flows (inflow and outflow) of funds / cash.

About donation options:-

Almost 52% of the total number of donations are for the Donation options in the range of Rs 500-3000. For Donation option size of more than Rs 10,000, there are a little more than 1% donations of the total number of donations.

Giving in Numbers:

Top 5 NGOs receiving funds this month are:-

Pondicherry Kidney Foundation - Rs.4,21,051

Child Aid Foundation - Rs.1,75,804

Association for Rural Development and Action Research (ARDAR) - Rs.107,038

Andhjan Kalyan Trust - Rs.104,565

Mitra Jyothi - Rs.90,961

This month, GiveIndia disbursed approx. Rs. 24.3 lacs to 84 GiveIndia-listed NGOs.

Feedback Efficiency Ratings:

The feedback efficiency ratings reflect the feedback sending efficiency of each GiveIndia-listed NGO.

More about why we are rating NGOs for their efficiency in sending feedbacks to us.

Learn how this rating is calculated.

View NGO feedback efficiency ratings as of September 15.

Payroll Giving Updates:

CRISIL recently relaunched their Payroll Giving programme. The effort was mostly driven by some remarkable volunteering within CRISIL as part of their CSR, CRISILites Hearts @ Work. In just a span of 3 days, over 550 employees signed up for a total monthly contribution of over Rs.1 lakh. Our thanks to HR Head Sameer Bhakhri, Josey Joseph, and the volunteers for this wonderful effort.

Kotak Life Insurance also launched the programme. Our thanks to Sugato Dutta and Swatii Sanghi. The sign up drive has just started.

The rollout at Bajaj Allianz Life is moving well. Nearly 300 employees have already signed up for the programme.


MoneyLIFE,the personal finance magazine, is featuring a GiveIndia listed NGO every month in their section titled 'Beyond Money'.

The article highlights the good work these credible NGOs have been doing and how they are impacting social change.

Read the articles on Ahmedabad Women's Action Group (AWAG) and The International Human Development & Upliftment Academy (IHDUA)
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Did you know??
Giving in Numbers
Feedback Efficiency Ratings
Updates from Payroll Giving
New NGOs on the block:

This month, GiveIndia welcomes 7 new NGOs. These are:

IDEA Foundation's mission is to give every child an education at least till secondary school level.

IImpact' s single minded objective is to educate under-privileged girls from socially & economically disadvantaged sections of society.

Ashray Akruti empowers hearing impaired & underprivileged children of Andhra Pradesh to use their innate capacities to reach optimum level of independence.

Sri Arunodayam's mission is to ensure that no mentally challenged parentless child should be left on the streets uncared and unattended.

Shubham: gives people with disabilities the opportunity to become self-sufficient & to achieve their goals and play a useful role in the community.

Voluntary Health Association of Tripura is working is to make health a reality for the people of Tripura.

National Rural Research and Development Association (NARAD): works towards overall rural development i.e educational, health, environmental, and women empowerment.

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