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Top 10 NGOs who received funds in October
Tips on Fund Raising

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Sevalaya has been selected as one of the four organizations in the nation for the "Inspired by Swami Vivekananda award" as part of Awakening India initiative for the 150th birth celebrations of Swami Vivekananda. Mr.Murali seen in picture receiving the award.

Click the link to read an article on CanSupport's "Adding life to days" - Hospice and Palliative care services.

A Photojournalist from UK, Bethany Clarke wants to meet NGOs in Bombay working with the Elderly. Organisations working for the aged, contact Bethany at or if you would like your work to be documented.

"We at GiveIndia are trying to use the donation as the first step towards building a more engaged society, because only when a society is engaged will it actually work towards uplifting its underprivileged, feeling for the man on the street and relating to him", says our CEO Dhaval Udani at a Mint Conclave on CSR. Read more.

Michele Baldwin, 45, a single mother of three, has terminal, incurable cervical cancer. She is going to embark on a 500 miles standup-paddleboard expedition down the sacred Ganges river to spread awareness about cervical cancer and raise $100,000 for Click to read more.

GiveIndia Listing Renewal update

Renewals will start late this year. The Listing Team will be in touch and send you the renewal forms. We are happy to check any Annual Reports for Norms Compliance so in case you have not already sent this to us, please do email a copy (not more than 500 KB, please) to or do send a hard copy to Suprina in Mumbai office (3rd floor, West Khetwadi Municipal School, Khetwadi Lane no. 5, Mumbai 400004).

India Giving Challenge 2011

In the last update on the India Giving Challenge, we had shared with you that the event had crossed the Rs. 2.5 Crores mark. This would not have been possible without all of you and your efforts in reaching out to your donors and requesting them for their support. While we are aware, through the innumerous phone calls and emails that we exchanged, what steps you took to reach out to get your donors involved, we would like you to now share those details with us i.e. email appeals, mailers, newsletters, videos, banners etc. - anything and everything you used to communicate with your donors and get them to donate.

All this material will be put up on the India Giving Challenge website and serve as a great inspiration to others. Please do take this opportunity to showcase your NGO's efforts in making this event such a huge success. Feel free to get in touch with Rakhee ( incase you have any queries regarding the above.

Top 10 NGOs funds disbursed this month

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Fund Raising Tip (courtesy: blog on fund raising)
Repetition is not bad in fundraising; it is one of the core traits of successful fundraising. Don't think that you will irritate people if you send a series of request, or inform them more than once about the things you do and the things you need from them. Most of the time, what you send or say will be disregarded or, at best, vaguely noticed before being relegated to the back of their mind. And even if they do notice that you've said or written something, odds are, it won't be exactly what you said or wrote. It can get boring. But it's going to take your donors a lot longer to get bored than it takes you. That's how you get through and motivate the gifts you need.

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