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Tier I NGOs who joined the GiveIndia family in June


News from our NGO partners

Our deepest  condolences to the RHCF staff and family
The Founder and Managing Trustee of Rural Health Care Foundation Mr. Arun Nevatia left for his heavenly abode on June 22nd, 2013. Afflicted with cancer at the age of 10, Arun had not allowed this ailment to curb his deal to help others. His belief was, "Success in life was not in what you gain or accomplish for yourself, it is in what you do for others".  

Seva  Mandir's two years of persistent efforts pay off - Education of 5000 children to continue without interruption
Seva Mandir has been running high quality alternative schools called Shiksha Kendras (SK’s) to more than 5000 deprived children. However these schools would have had to close down as the schools were not compliant with the RTE Act, implemented by the Indian Government in 2009. Seva Mandir’s community schools operate on locally available teachers and rooms that act as school buildings. Seva Mandir felt that closing down options without providing alternatives was not a good idea and it advocated for continuity of alternative schools especially in very remote areas. After about 2 years of intense advocacy- The Government of Rajasthan came out with the solution of granting the SK’s- the status of Special Training Centers after reviewing Seva Mandir’s curriculum pedagogy and visiting 11 randomly selected SK’s. The government officials observed that the learning levels in our SK’s were significantly above those found in government schools. The officials also concluded that if society had accepted the program then it was important for the government to follow suit. Seva Mandir is deeply obliged to the Government of Rajasthan for taking the leadership and initiative for continual of alternative schools. Refer to the photo at the end.

Awards, Training and opportunities

Project Heena - An Online Social Network for Non Profits
ProjectHeena is an online social network for NGOs to search new volunteer talent & credit their existing volunteers. Every individual and NGO gets showcased for the activities done by them on a regular basis, which creates a strong social proof even for corporate partnerships. By using technology they help match volunteers basis their time, locations and skills with the right causes on a public forum. Apart from accreditation, NGOs can benefit by the social tools and out reach that the platform provides. To get yourself/ NGO /Organization registered contact - The platform is offered pro-bono and no charges are applied to volunteers or NGOs.

Donate time and in-kind features in UC
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UC is a Philanthropy Exchange connecting Donors and Volunteers to Non-Profits working in Education, Health and Environment related causes and facilitating specific and predictable volunteering engagements as a part of its Shram Daan (Donate Time) and In-Kind Donations through the Vastu Daan (In-Kind Donations) initiatives. To register or for  any specific queries, or call  +91-8008884422.

People are no longer scared to Donate Online

Dhaval Udani
The mindset of Indians have changed in the past decade. Today they don't ask why they should donate, they ask how they should donate. Working Indians between ages 25 and 30, want to take up charity projects. They have a greater degree of awareness and are not insecure about their wealth. We are looking forward for Indians to GIVE about 100 crore rupees per annum in the next 3 years.

A study done by "The Chronicle of Philanthropy" supports Mr. Dhaval's statement.  Donations to online charities rose 14% last year from 2011. Some non profits spot supporters active in online advocacy forums to turn them into generous and loyal online donors. Some of them take a page from direct-mail appeals  by seeking monthly donations.
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GiveIndia celebrated our 13th Anniversary with our key stakeholders – NGOs partners, benevolent donors, committed payroll giving corporates, alliance partners and our distinguished board members on May 30, 2013. It was inspiring to listen to Ms. Kiran Modi, Managing Trustee Udayan Care and Mr. Jyoti Nivas  Sinha, Founder & Chairman Soshit Seva Sangh who represented our 170+ NGOs network to share the impact created through their association with GiveIndia.

Top 10 MDO disbursements this month

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A well written MDO progress  report  from our partner PYDS
The progress report sent by Purkal Youth Development Society as part of our Monthly Donation Program shows how deep their understanding about their students are. "A very lively girl who always uses her high levels of energy for the right reasons. She won a gold medal in girls’ cross –country race which was held in Nov 2012 and so she is fondly referred to as ‘ bhagi bhagi bhagi Bhagirathi ‘. Besides athletics, she is good at basketball and volley ball. She had really helped Ekta Joshi with her reading and pronunciation problems. She takes keen interest in almost all activities and doesn’t really believe in "will do it tomorrow". As the floor monitor, she always walked the extra mile to ensure that the class was cleaned and the plants watered. She listens to all instructions very carefully before executing them. She was a part of the Christmas Choir which gave a very good first time performance on 24th and 25th Dec 2012 as a part of the Christmas Day celebrations. She also secures good grades in the examinations."

Reports like this are certain to motivate donors to do repeat donations.

Top 10 NGO regular disbursements in June

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Seva Mandir's Shikshana Kendras

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Peter Drucker said, "What's measured improves". The two most important things to measure and keep your fundraising in fine shape are Net Revenue and Donor Retention. Read more on this...

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