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GiveIndia Payroll Giving Programme Update

The Payroll Giving Programme at GiveIndia has been seeing a lot of action. Firstsource, one of India's leading BPOs, re-launched GiveIndia's Payroll Giving programme last week. The response has been phenomenal. Of the 640 employees met during the first week, over 400 signed up for the programme.

The Indian Market Research Beauro has also done a re-launch with nearly 50% of employees met signing up to contribute every month.

Payroll has also just concluded its implementation at Zee Network. Over 116 employees have signed up from the Mumbai office. Zee News just launched the programme last month

The Payroll Giving Programme has crossed 10,000 registered PRG donors, contributing well over Rs 20 lacs p.m

Who to contact in GiveIndia for your needs

For completed feedback reports

Please send your feedbacks ONLY to feedback@giveindia.org. Please do not copy anyone else when sending to this id.If you send them to any other id, they will be deleted and considered as not received at all from you.This causes delays and confusion and as a result increases the likelihood that a donor who has donated to you will be disappointed at not having heard how the donation was utilised.

Please ensure that you save all mails that you send to us at your end.

For changing the content of feedbacks

You cannot change the content of the feedback details that you have committed to us at the time of listing without prior approval and confirmation from us.If you would like to make modifications, please write to us stating exactly what changes you would like to make and why.You must write only to listing@giveindia.org. Till such time that you receive a confirmation us, you must continue to send us feedbacks with the content that you have agreed with us earlier.

For changing donation options

Please write to listing@giveindia.org, if you would like to make changes to the existing donation options. The change will be made by us, after discussion with you if required. We will confirm the change by email to you, once it has been agreed and modified on the site.

For any other query

Please write to info@giveindia.org. You will receive a response from us within 3 days.

Opportunities for you:

Photo Contest

Over time, we have realised that donors appreciate photos from NGOs. Hence, we request you to send in photos of your team, your beneficiaries as well as the work that you do. Your photos could capture a classroom scene or products that the people you help have created or anything else you would like to share with donors. We will ask donors to choose the picture they like best, and keep you informed of the results in this newsletter. We look forward to an enthusiatic response.

Volunteers to help you build projects

Harsh Trivedi and Alex Lemke, lawyers from the UK based firm http://www.sullcrom.com/firm will volunteer full time with us for one year from August onwards in Mumbai. They will pilot a Keystone project to help our listed NGOs build projects that can be sold to High Networth Individuals (HNI) clients and corporates, and they will then take a set of projects back to HNI donors in the UK. We will keep you posted on developments, and soon mail you with more details.

Donor's Delight:

Vinith Rao on receiving feedback from SEARCH for the Donation he made to Support a Child Boot Polish worker for a month writes "Thank you very much for sharing this with me. I felt genuinely satisfied that I have been able to make a difference - however small it may be - to another human being. May God bless Uday and I sincerely hope his dreams come true.
I donate because its the least I can do to contribute to humanity and society in my busy corporate life; and the payroll donation program that HSBC has with GiveIndia makes the process very simple...."

July 17 , 2007

Money Raised:

We are happy to inform you that in June 2007, we raised Rs. 37,87,852 for NGOs through www.giveindia.org and http://www.giveworld.org/. 88 NGOs received donations this month.

NGO of the month:

We would like to welcome the following new NGOs on our website: Childline, Gandhigram Trust, Ashwini, NAB Karnataka, M.B.A Foundation, and R.O.S.A.R.Y Trust.

Feedback of the Month:

Congratulations! Sanskruti Samvardhan Mandal for sending the story of Kasture Seema Dattaram.

"Moumita has one brother and one elder sister. They all live with their parents in a one-roomed mud house with tiled roof. Moumita’s father is the only earning member and earns Rs. 2,000/- per month as a Gate Grill mechanic. Moumita’s mother came to Bani Mandir to request them to sponsor her daughter’s education.

Moumita is not very meritorious and her school report is average. But she is working hard to make up her deficiency in her study. She is well behaved and respects her teachers. The donation has given her benefits like nutritious food, hygiene kits, note books and stationary, clothes and an exposure visit to the Sunderbans area. She wants to help her mother in household work, and would like to become a school teacher one day."

Tip of the Month:

If you have large projects that require funding, especially in the field of HIV/AIDS, please write to projects@giveindia.org, for proposal formats. We will store your projects in our projects catalouge which is made available to large donors.

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