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NGO Newsletter January 2012

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Top 10 NGOs who received funds in January
iGive Reimbursement Report
Mumbai and Delhi Cyclothon


Last month our newsletter covered information about the India NGO Awards programme which is a joint venture between the Resource Alliance and the Rockefeller Foundation. Apply  by 15 February 2012 at

The Community Corps is a new online portal dedicated to connecting skilled IT professionals to the technology needs of mission-driven organizations. Together with JPMorgan Chase, they are looking to make an impact for India-based NGOs working to promote social good. Program participants can choose from a list of high-impact technology projects and then be placed with qualified, prescreened IT experts. Click here to register or email for any queries.

Tier I NGOs listed with GiveIndia are considered automatically eligible to participate in NGO India 2012. They just need to spend about 10 minutes to do 2 things:
1. Click here to fill the Application form for Exhibiting in NGO India 2012 through GuideStar India website. Please quote their GSN (GuideStar Number) correctly in the form. 
2. Download and fill the NGO India Exhibition Contract Form, sign and stamp it and courier it.
This would be a great opportunity to showcase your work to 4000+ visitors from corporate and grant making institutions and 5000+ individuals from in and around Delhi. There is no fee for participation in the exhibition. A ready to decorate stall would be provided free of cost. The event also has free seminars on fundraising, communications & PR, governance, etc. Every NGO Exhibitor also gets one free pass to a high level conference. Read more...

Life Trust celebrated  its annual event, "Joy in a Box" last week where educational toys were supplied to 50 Anganwadis to be made available to lesser privileged children. The children put up dance performance with the assistance from sevikas. 

YouTube and See3 will present the Nonprofit Video Awards, a celebration of the best nonprofit videos on the site. Winners will receive promotion on the YouTube homepage, as well as a cash prize to help them advance their video work. Visit the link for more info. o enter, you must be a member of the YouTube Nonprofit Program.

Tips from Fund Raising blog..
How to thank your donors
Spend as much energy to thank donors as we do for asking them
1. Don't start out with 'Dear Friend'  or 'On behalf of'
2. Don't ask for another gift
3. Don't misspell their name
4. Don't have errors in grammar, punctuation or spellings
5. Don't be formal or vague or lofty but be concise
Your Thank you is a golden moment to the donor.

IMPORTANT: Chargebacks on donations

In the last few months we have encountered many cases wherein donors have reversed their credit card transactions after a disbursement has taken place to an NGO. Since the funds have already been disbursed to the NGO and the payment gateway debits our account for the same, it results in a loss for GiveIndia. In this light we would like to highlight Clause 9 of Article IV in the MoU that you have signed with us.

Clause 9: The NGO indemnifies the Channel of all liability for financial transactions that are not honoured by the donors, including, but not limited to credit card charge backs, cheques that are dishonoured, online transactions reversed at the request of the donor, stop-payments and the like. In all cases where the NGO has already received payment which is subsequently dishonoured, the NGO undertakes to make good any repayments that the Channel will have to make to financial intermediaries on account of such dishonouring of the donation by the donor.

As this has happened with a few specific NGOs, we believe this problem to be more NGO specific rather than affecting GiveIndia as a whole. Give Foundation shall be pursuing the following approach to deal with the problematic cases:

1. If the payment gateway recovers the money from GiveIndia for a particular transaction, then the NGO for whom that donation was made and the donation options of that NGO, will be disabled immediately. Donations through iGive pages will not be permitted for that NGO either.
2. In such cases, the NGO will be required to refund the entire sum of money, that has been recovered from GiveIndia by the credit card payment gateway, immediately. Till such time NGO & DOs will remain disabled, nor will any donations to iGive pages of that NGO be permitted.
3. Once this money is received from the NGO, the NGO, its donation options and iGive pages (if any) will be enabled on GiveIndia website for receiving donations, but disbursements will be on HOLD till such time as all earlier cases are resolved with the credit card payment gateway as well as the NGO.

Participate in Mumbai and Delhi Cyclothon

A big thank you to all NGOs for attending the Mumbai Cyclothon workshop on January 17th. For NGOs who missed out, here are the details.

GiveIndia has partnered with ID Sports to bring to you the Mumbai and Delhi Cyclothon. We will be managing the charity aspect of the event only. It’s a great fundraising opportunity to offer to your donors – both individual and corporate. The offline sporting event gives donors a return for their donation. So, please do take advantage of this event!

Event Dates:
Delhi – Sunday 25th March
Mumbai – Sunday 1st April
See table below for Individual & Corporate Basic Registration details

How to participate:
Registrations will begin next week. Please visit the link for registration forms.

Please note: If you would like your donors to raise funds for you through an iGive page, as part of the event, you would need to submit an iGive Reimbursement Report (iRR).

What is iGive Reimbursement Report (iRR)

Going forward, a new process that will allow iGive funds to be disbursed to your organization on a regular cycle, instead of waiting for your iGive Reimbursement Report (iRR) to be checked every time you receive a donation, will be followed.

How will it work?
1. Every NGO submits an iGive Reimbursement Report, for an amount required by them/for an amount of their choice -min. Rs. 10,000. (NGOs wishing to take part in the upcoming events in this financial year – The India Tax Saving Challenge and Mumbai/Delhi Cyclothon – please provide us with a report for maximum amount that you wish to raise so that you do not have to submit several reports). This report should contain details of reimbursement of past expenses already occurred – typically from your unrestricted funding
2. The same is vetted by our teams and updated in our systems.
3. Once done, an iGive page(s) can be set up for your NGO
4. Donors may make donations till this limit is exhausted
5. As the limit reaches Rs. 5,000, you will receive a mail from our systems informing you of the same. Please resubmit an iGive reimbursement report at that time to ensure that you continue receiving donations through iGive pages. If we do not have a valid report in the system, you will no longer be able to receive funds via iGive pages. Also till you submit a report, no new iGive page can be created.

Next Steps:
This change will go live today. We request you to please submit a report at the earliest if you would like to continue raising funds through an already active or soon to be active page. Please contact or in case you have any queries regarding this change.

Top 10 NGOs funds (INR) disbursed in Jan

SERUDS has received commendation certificate from the Govt. of Andhra Pradesh, on the eve of 63rd Republic Day on 26th January 2012 for their excellent social service to the underprivileged children, destitute women, rural development in Kurnool District of Andhra Pradesh.

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