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Top 10 NGOs who received funds in February
Overdue Feedback Reports

GiveIndia Help Desk
Gopi: +91 9742801010
Sambhaji: +91 22 66101174-75 extn 24
Sanjyot: +91 9380591120
Tarika: +91 22 23894942 - 44 extn 33

New NGOs listed this month
Bihar Gramin Vikas Parishad, Begusarai
Mathru Educational Trust For The Blind
Positive Women Network of Rajasthan
Samrita Trust
Score Foundation
Society For Peoples Health Education And Economic Development

Google Online Marketing Challenge
Read and apply for the new NGO Impact Award from Google to support the nonprofits. An excellent way for students to hone their marketing skills and give back to their NGO in a meaningful way.

npv image
Read more about the 2011 DoGooder nonprofit video awards.

A Weight Loss for Charity Initiative on Twitter. Click here for more info.

The Women’s World Summit Foundation for its 20th anniversary, invites nominations for the 2011 special edition of the PRIZE for women’s creativity in rural life, honoring creative and courageous women and women’s organizations around the world working to improve the quality of life in rural communities. Click to know more.

Mr.Vinayak Lohani of Parivaar education Society Kolkata, Mrs. Mridula Bajaj of Mobile Creches New Delhi and a representative from Salaam Baalak Trust New Delhi, have been inducted into the Ministry of Women and Child Development's Task Force for formulation and implementation of their Citizens' Charter. They are one of the nine selected from civil society along with the ministry representatives. This opportunity will give them a canvass to impact the sector at large and help and influence many more institutions working in the same field.
La Ruta del Teatrino, is an art theatre from south America, travelling around Asia. Felipe and Ana will be arriving in India shortly to show case their work done with disabled children, children with autism, studying their behavior for detect child abuse, ecological awareness, using puppetry and drama workshops as ART THERAPY. Email Ana if interested.

Utilization of donations through GiveIndia

An important email was sent to all Tier I NGOs on 24th February, 2011 regarding utilization of donations through GiveIndia. Please click HERE to see the email.

Please note that 100% donations through donation options created by you for our website are directed to poor beneficiaries. Therefore, donations to the donation options of Tier I NGOs are covered under ‘Relief of poor’.  This mail is to inform you that previously iGive donations could be utilized for any purpose the NGO chose; now the iGive funds too need to be used for either of the 4 categories as defined in our email.  And if you utilize the iGive donations entirely for poor beneficiaries, then it would qualify under "relief of poor".

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The India Tax Saving Challenge is back!

Since many of you had been asking, we've decided to hold the "India Tax Saving Challenge" this year too. Do mark out the following dates in your fundraising calendar - February 23rd - March 23rd, 2011. We're also happy to inform you that the matching grant has been increased from Rs. 25 lacs last year to Rs. 35 lacs this time round! Here are the prize details:

Matching Grants Limits

By funds raised 

By number of unique donors  (min. 25 donors)


Rs. 6 lacs

Rs. 2 lacs


Rs. 4 lacs

Rs. 1 lacs


Rs. 3 lacs

Rs. 50,000


Rs. 2 lacs



Rs. 1.5 lacs



Rs. 1 lac



Rs. 75,000



Rs. 50,000



Rs. 50,000


NGO 10

Rs. 50,000



Rs. 19.75 lacs

Rs. 3.5 lacs

The remaining amount will be announced later in terms of surprise prizes :-)! Please go through all the terms and conditions. NGOs have already begun setting up their pages. So, if you haven't already done so, please do so today. Any questions or difficulties related to the challenge - please get in touch with Rakhee ( ) or Tarika ( ).

Overdue Reports and  Donation Options

From April 1st 2011, if an NGO has even one overdue report, we will temporarily disable the donation options of the NGO, till the root cause for delays in utilization/sending feedback reports is fixed, and the overdue reports are sent. Of course, NGOs will receive enough advance notice- an email regarding the overdue report/s and those reports that will become overdue in the next 30 days- and will get 7 days to send in the feedback reports on time, before we temporarily disable the DOs. Delays caused due to late disbursement will not result in disabling of the DOs. Note that we will continue to send you the regular reminders that you receive from us as well.

Feedback Report
Click on the link to read a touching feedback report from one of our newly listed NGOs.
Funds disbursed to Top 10 NGOs in Feb
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